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Leichhardt is the best place on Earth as it is.
If you want fancy facilities go somewhere else, Leichhardt doesn’t need you.

I go to Leichhardt to experience the atmosphere and watch footy with other passionate Tigers fans.
I couldn’t care less about the size of the screens, or the quality of the bathroom fittings or the food, if you know the food is crap, eat before you go or after.
I’m sure you could get through a game without having to jam food into your pie hole, it’s not a hotel.

Other than that I agree, but I’d be happy to play every home game at a packed Leichhardt, bad food, small screens, old toilets and all.
Couldn’t care less!

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Thomo will be fine just needs to fix up a few things, he hasn’t played many on the trot at the back.
Let’s judge him in 6 weeks after he’s had a decent run of games there, he’s much more of a threat than Mbye was, gets more involved and him and Benji seem to have a thing developing.

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Why are the Journos so slow, where’s the headline that reads.

What’s the Matterson?

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If we lose this I’ll do something really immature and probably swear and carry on like a goose for a few hours then I’ll laugh at myself and think, just another year as a Tigers fan.

Then I’ll carry my TV onto the roof and throw it onto my driveway, then jump on it.

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Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters

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I didn’t like Thomos halftime comment about not needing to score anymore points and just have to defend in the second half.

If we go out thinking that, we’ll get rolled.

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Is Arrow that good, or did he just standout alongside the likes of Cartwright and a has been like Proctor?

He’s not someone I’d throw crazy money at

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We came 9th (again) and so far 67% are calling that a PASS.

No wonder this team is mediocre, even the fans are happy with missing out on the 8.

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Couldn’t care less if people don’t think it’s a fortress.
For me, I’d rather be standing on a packed Leichhardt hill with a tin in my hand watching the Tigers run out than be anywhere else on this planet.

Whether it’s still our home ground or even a football ground at all when the time comes that I fall off my perch, my ashes will be spread there.

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@Ponyo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Buzz reckons NRL are set to approve a 10 year Burgess payout for Souths in adminastration role “The NRL is expected to approve his medical retirement by the end of the week. Outside of the new job at Souths, Burgess also recently signed a new commentary deal at Fox Sports”. They’re saying the end of the week now? It seems like they’ve fast-tracked it all if Buzz is on the money here. It would be crazy if it got approved so quickly after Greenberg said in the new year. Wouldn’t be surprised if the timing was by design

Burgess a commentary deal.
I can’t understand what he says half the time. Sounds like he’s got a mouthful of weetbix

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@happy_tiger said in Tigers sign Tim Mannah for rest of 2019:

So can I ask

Does Mannah have a ticket to ride ??

Yes but it was for a ‘yellow submarine’ and only a ‘day tripper’ so it expired ‘yesterday’ so he might need some ‘help!’ so ‘from me to you’ ‘we can work it out’ maybe he can ‘drive my car’ because he used to be an NRL star but I heard from a ‘paperback writer’ named ‘eleanor rigby’ it’s been a ‘hard day’s night’ and he’s now a bit of a ‘nowhere man’ but if he ends up here sitting on the ‘norwegian wood’ ‘i feel fine’ 😉

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Let’s face it, Latrell would do nothing for this team, he’s an icing on the cake player.
We don’t have a cake

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Leichhardt is heaven on earth, no contest.

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@hobbo1 said in Season 2019: Pass or Fail?:


Can’t win half your games is a fail

It’s that simple

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I called this last year, just put yourself in the shoes of any of Nathan’s team mates, would you feel comfortable speaking your mind around him in regards to how you feel about the coach or anything to do with the team?

Have you ever worked with the bosses son?
Usually it doesn’t go down well with the rest of the group, its just human nature, no matter how impartial the boss is or thinks he is.

I’ve been involved in jr footy long enough to know that everybody is talking behind the coaches back who’s son is in the team, don’t think the same wouldn’t happen at the professional level too.