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If the NRL allow players to play without the flu vaccine, from a health point of view it probably doesn’t matter that much.

But that isn’t really the issue, the same players would presumably refuse any Covid-19 vaccine should it become available in the future.

If you allow it with one vaccine you can’t very well change the rules for another. I assume that is why the QLD Health Dept are holding firm.

NSW Health and the NRL should do exactly the same as QLD.

The players have the right to refuse any vaccine, but they should not assume that refusal has no consequences.

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Now that we seem to be in the off season can we start a thread for the 21 season
The list put up by the OP has a list of players off contract at the end of this season(??now).
There is plenty of dead wood amongst those players.
Not sure who’s going to be available but I’m feeling better about next year already.

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swap 5 with 3 and 9 with 16 and he might be closer

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Just found this on the local member’s facebook

The Federal Government’s $5 million commitment to the redevelopment of Concord Oval, including the Wests Tigers Centre of Excellence, will make a huge difference to community sporting groups in Reid and I know our Tigers players are thrilled! Funds will be supplied through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development for this exciting redevelopment.

So nothing to do with the sports grants at all!

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@Sco77y said in Wests Tigers Centre of Excellence:

A mate at work lives in Concord. No activity yet apparently, although he doesn’t always drive down that street.

Thanks Scotty,
I saw an invitation for demolition tenders in the Western Suburbs Courier 1-2 months ago, hopefully progress will be fast once it gets started.

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Has anyone living near there noticed any demolition works yet?

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Is there any chance that out Centre of Excellence could be caught up in the current “Sports Rorts” scandal in Canberra

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My contact has just told me that LM starts training at the rabbits on Monday.
AJ to tigers

I’m not happy, but that is what I’m told

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Just met someone who is related to Rose, Latrell’s "new " manager.
They advised me not to give up on Latrell coming to the Tigers.
I don’t know what to make of this, but I’ll be happy if he comes.