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I think we should offer Moses Mbye (current origin winger/centre) for JAC

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Christ is born. I pray that you and your families receive the full gift of God our saviour. Merry Christmas to all.

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I will take him with open arms !!!

Sign him up immediately

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It is a Joke but NRL will alway look after the fav clubs… E,g, Burgess decision so quick.

I don’t know how people say this, does everyone forget that the very same NRL cut the Rabbits from the comp for 2 years?

But suddenly Rabbits are in favour with NRL?

Wasn’t the same NRL, wasn’t the same Souffs.

Russell Crowe and Jamie Packer might have something to do with it

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My frustration with the bias/favouritism of the NRL is bringing me to think outside the square as to what actions as fans we can take to influence the NRL without monetarily hurting OUR beloved Tigers.

Firstly, my understanding is as follows. Even though we are a middle of the pack club when it comes to on-field success, we are a high ratings club when it comes to TV viewers. This translates to me that we are one of the top end of clubs with fan base numbers. So this means it’s a numbers game.

If the TV rights end in 2022 than negotiations will have to commence shortly (maybe in a year or so)

What can I do as a fan?

No doubt, most of us on this forum are passionate fans of the Tigers or they wouldn’t be here. We are really Tigers tragic/fanatic and it will be hard to switch of from watching our team because of our passion for the Tigers. In saying that, maybe that’s what we have to do for a season or 2. Some will argue that they can not NOT watch the Tigers and I agree whole heartedly with you. So this is what I propose as silly as it sounds knowing that the TV companies dictate what the NRL does.

  1. All FOXTEL subscribers remove the package that caters for the NRL (sports package)
  2. Never tune in to channel 9 to watch a game
  3. If you want to be hardcore change carriers from Telstra (who allow free streaming) as part of their packages

I suggest you do all this during the negotiation of the TV rights period to send a message that for every biased NRL decision there is a consequence and enough is enough.

I can hear some already saying you are crazy, why would I hurt my beloved Tigers?

This is how you help the Tigers with the money saved from TV subscription cancellation.

  1. You become a member of the Tigers so they get your hard earned cash directly.

  2. If you feel you can’t NOT watch our team than attend Tigers home games instead of watching it on TV (if this not possible go watch it somewhere communal like the pub as it is showing anyhow)

  3. If you want to buy merchandising, buy directly from Wests Tigers (in-store or online)

Please let me know what you think and make suggestions as ideally I would like all second rate teams to take this stance.

Damn you NRL from making me rant due to your blatant show of bias.

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Does anyone know when the current tv deal expires? And when the next tv rights deal starts.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the Roosters stated that LM can sign with any club except Rabbitohs

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll be watching it now!!!

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Three-way switch imminent after Sharks veteran Matt Prior agrees to Leeds move

Two-time grand final winning front rower Matt Prior has agreed to a three-year contract with Leeds in the Super League, paving the way for Trent Merrin to return to St George Illawarra and Luciano Leilua to join the Wests Tigers.
November 27, 2019 1:57pmJames Hooper@jimmyhooperSource: FOX SPORTS

Mar 12 20208:05PM

Sharks prop Matt Prior is set to join Leeds.

The move is a huge win for the Cronulla Sharks, with the 2016 premiers salary cap mess set to become considerably easier with Prior’s departure.

Prior told the Sharks football department staff on Tuesday he had agreed to terms with the Super League club.
Sharks coach John Morris can now begin the process of trying to fill the final four positions on Cronulla’s top 30 roster.
Up until Prior’s departure, the Sharks only had $29,000 available in their salary cap for next season.

Once Prior has signed the Leeds contract, the UK club will release one-time NSW and Australian Merrin to return home and join the Red V.
Merrin made his name as a local Wollongong junior with the Dragons before departing the club to join Penrith under the Phil Gould regime.

The one-time NSW State of Origin forward has been desperate to return home to Australia and is a smart pick-up for the Dragons.
The final domino effect from Prior’s deal with Leeds will be the Dragons releasing up-and-coming forward Luciano Leilua.
Leilua will join the Wests Tigers on a three-year deal.