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I think the packer suspension is an interesting one. Seems like he got done for intent more than anything, he fell In a bad way but he barely even touched Guthos head

Packer has a bad reputation with the refs and i think they watch his actions more closer than others, he did drop his weight in the tackle but unsure if really a crusher, and i do see other players do similar but not even a penalty.
His aggression is great, motor is good also which i was surprised about considering time out of the game.
Really want to see him and JWH at it in a few weeks if stays on the field.
That hit on Matterson was fantastic viewing, and loved the verbal spray afterwards, however i think it woke up the eels they were for a contest.

A lot of us dont think it was a crusher tackle. Looked bad initially, but a closer look showed it to be otherwise. Front on looked less like a crusher also. As Josh said, more intent. If it really was a crusher, he would have got a whole lot more than 1 week. Media beat up.

There was a bunch of crushers in last nights game vs the Warriors that were far worse than Russell’s so called terribly dangerous crusher - or perhaps not quite a crusher but intended crusher, or whatever else was mentioned last week. Funnily enough, last nights crushers were hardly mentioned at all by commentators, media or fans. That ridiculously dangerous tackle by Hiku was disgraceful and only a penalty came of it I think. I don’t think the referee wanted to penalise him for it either. Perhaps a touchies call?

Yeah, I noticed that too. And the funny part is, if the refs got hold of things early on, it stops, and also sets a platform for who’s in charge.

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I’ve already lived through Wests getting spoons, lots of times. It doesn’t change things though. I think the club needs to face the fact it doesn’t belong at the elite level.

NO! That is not right, imo.
It’s not where you are on the ladder, it’s always how you fight!
History tells me that Easts were spooners lots of times, as were Parra etc etc.
Footy is cyclical.
Players are really the same as you and me - nobody likes losing.
We have to stay strong and earn the good times.

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Would the Huth march into any other NRL team’s first 13?
@hybrid_tiger said it all.

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Thanks champion @hodgo, I needed that!

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I think the refs will be awake to Gutherson now.

Er, champion @twentyforty - this is a soccer thread. Should this Gutherson post be in another thread?

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The summer transfer window will run for 10 weeks from July 27 and close at 11pm on October 5.
Lots of speculation, expectation and exasperation to come!

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Indigenous round is great and our jerseys always look the best because of the colour palette we have.

We must be the only team without any indigenous players though, Corey Thompson was our only one I think

Thought mbye was indigenous, could be wrong though

I’m pretty sure he’s African but not 100%.

Extract from Wikipedia:

Mbye was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is of Gambian descent through his father, making him one of the few players in the NRL to be of African descent

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I went to see an acupuncturist.
When I got home my voodoo doll was dead.

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Seriously, I hope they don’t use Latrell Dogshot Mitchell to be the leading representation of this Indigenous week again. Unless they want it to be associated with arrogance, unfair play, self-entitlement, poor sportsmanship, and a complete disregard for the well-being of anyone who doesn’t fit in with his notion of family.

Personally, I feel they can do better.

Funny that Trell’s judiciary penalty was only 2 weeks - back just in time for Indigenous round.

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Is it just me that thinks something is fishy in this Suaali kid is going to knock back a million a year from Rugby to accept half a million a year to play with the Rabbits

Who on this forum would accept a half million pay cut to play for the Rabbits

Not me

Russell Crowe flew the family for a meet and greet, the rest they say is history, he is souths uncle Nick, and the NRL will even go as far as to bend the rules for both clubs, level playing field they say

They NEVER return from Nana Glen without a contract significantly less than what the market is offering…the Gladiator must have some real charm!!

Rustys Nana Glen compound sounds like the Neverland Ranch to me.

30 Odd Foot of Grunts meets Thriller.