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Only love 2 teams: (1) Wests Tigers and (2) anyone playing Manly!

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@Magpie1969 said in Wests Tigers Team v Warriors Rd 12:

Hope Blore backs up last week’s effort. I will give Brooks a stint at full back with a licence to run and not to pass.

Except I’m not so sure how Brooks would cope with the high ball barrage …

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@Geo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Cairnstigers said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

f a player gets a release but still plays Nrl the 3rd party deal should go with that player as it is ment to have nothing to do with the club

Non-affiliated 3rd Party deals do

There is already an allowance in the Cap available to every Club for Club sponsored 3rd Party agreements…

As a player you have to be careful as well …when Mark Gasnier was playing for the Dragons he took less but was getting paid by 9 on top…when he fired up in the back of a cab …they didn’t pay so off he toddled to French Rugby as the Dragons wouldn’t take up the difference…

Oh the memories - Gasnier would have made a mottza advertising for Uber.

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@happy_tiger said in The Run Home.....:

Melbourne game is winnable if we are at full strength and garden gnome at 7 pulls his finger out

You mean the run home is actually the run gnome …

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What’s the go with people videoing themselves while being pests in the post office, Bunnings, in Police stops etc?

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Our ability to “rack up” more winning games must surely occur before we “extend” anybody.

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All this kerfuffle about other teams’ salary cap management brings an ironic tear to my eye!

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@GNR4LIFE said in Shawn Blore:

@tiger_one said in Shawn Blore:

Can someone please remind me: how long did we sign Blore for?

End of 2021.

Thanks champion @GNR4LIFE .

That means we need to get things moving before other clubs can legally stick their noses in our business.

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A game is just a game.
Do your best.
That’s all.

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Brooks doesnt know whether he’s Arthur or Martha?