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What’s the go?

Appreciate he’s recovering from injury in reggies, but does he look promising? Are there signs of him getting back to his best?

I’ve seen a couple of his games and to be honest he won’t be in first grade unless we have a lot of injuries. Garner would be the next to get a call up i would think.

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Today’s game was the first i was able to get to for the year and the big difference for me was the aggression in the forwards. Both Matulino and Packer are aiming up which is contagious. Even Benji is hitting hard in defence. On the back of this the forwards are running hard, not trundling up and getting owned by the opposition.

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Just had the misfortune of listening to Rothfield on both 360 and the 7.30 show. This man should not be given airspace. He is arguing strongly that the refs crackdown must stop, that it is ruining the game. Coincidentally, the crackdown effects his team (sharks) more than most. He is always agenda driven and couldn’t lie straight in bed!

Totally agree. Rothfield is a fool. Both he and that idiot who wears the red bandana are absolute oxygen thieves. I change channels as soon as i see either of them on TV.

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Adam Reynolds will be in the running i would think. Has Luke Keary declared who he would play for. I read that he was born in QLD but played in Sydney as a Kid. He’d be a chance i would think.

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Watching tonights game and there wasn’t much credit given to the Tigers for the win against the Storm. All i heard was the Storm played poorly, which they did because the Tigers played so well. I hope the Tigers players get a massive chip on there shoulders and come out and smash the Broncos proving the Tigers are a team to be reckoned with.

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Just had a look at the squad we put up for round 1 last year. Not many have survived from then.

Tigers: 1. James Tedesco 2. David Nofoaluma 3. Kevin Naiqama 4. Jamal Idris 5. Jordan Rankin 6. Mitchell Moses 7. Luke Brooks 8. Aaron Woods 9. Matt McIlwrick 10. Ava Seumanufagi 11. Sausao Sue 12. Chris Lawrence 13. Elijah Taylor. Interchange: 14. Tim Grant 15. Josh Aloai 16. Michael Chee-Kham 17. Joel Edwards 18. Jack Littlejohn 19. Justin Hunt 20. JJ Felise 21. Moses Suli

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It will be interesting to see what the TV ratings for the Grand Final will be in NSW. Me and some mates did a ring around to see who was keen for a bbq to watch the game and most people have decided to go away for the weekend and said they might watch the game but weren’t worried if they missed it. I’ll have the game on but the only game i really want to see is the Hunters v Penrith.

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I’ll be cheering for whoever is playing the Storm. Can’t stand Smith and Slater, and Munster is quickly joining them.

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I can understand you not mentioning the Bible as it is very embarrassing, for example, not letting a witch to live, homosexuality is an abomination. So the Bible can form the background of people’s thinking even if they don’t quote it. The Bible is like the devil whispering evil things in your ear.

Your getting off topic with your bigotted rantings … it was only a matter of time before you couldn’t contain yourself any longer.

As you should know, being the Biblical expert you are, the Holy Bible is the literature that forms the cornerstone of Western Civilization, the most free and compassionate of civilisations to ever exist in all of humanity. So you’re more than a little off in your analysis.

Its funny you mention evil, do you believe that evil exists? It seems you do, because you have mentioned it in your response.

I ask because good, evil and morality itself cannot exist in naturalist/atheist philosophy. Nearly all intellectual atheists admit this … yet i can bet my last dollar that you cannot explain evil without putting God firmly in the paradigm.

Probably a good idea not to start intellectual fights that you have no chance in hell of winning.

The Bible was used to it’s utmost to keep civilisation brutal and stupid. It was used to justify slavery, to justify killing witches, to impede science, to corrupt philosophy, to hoodwink the ignorant, to scorn homosexuality, to prevent women from obtaining equality etc. etc…

I was obviously using the evil word in an everyday sense and you are only creating a false philosophical position in an attempt to obfuscate.

You cannot mention intellectualism and the Bible in the same breath - there are the ultimate contradiction.

Got no problems with people who believe in religon, the bible,God, or whatever.
but my opinion of the bible is that its just a book that contains a whole lot of stories, put together and rewritten and retranslated over a hell of a long time, and like the koran, the stories have changed slightly each time that its been translated, until by now, the stories are probably far from what was originally intended.

Keep in mind these stories were mostlikely written and put together by (in most cases) people who had hardly been outside the village they were born in , and probably believed that the Earth was flat.
I cant see how anyone could put their confidence in what was written so long ago.when the world was an incredibly different place.
Even now, with the knowledge of current happenings in the world, if you started a story, and told one person to repeat it to another person, and for them to repeat it again to someone else, by the time it had gone through twenty people, the story would likely mean nothing like the original,

I’ve got a relation who I have had a heap of debates on religion with (friendly ones mostly ) over a wine or three , and whenever hes asked a difficult question , he ,like most bible followers, drops back on the old line "it’s Gods will) or another one of the great escapes .

People can believe what they like, but id rather read something that unites people rather than bibles, korans and most other religious books that often cause more trouble than their worth,
My opinion( thats all it is) is that the Bible, or any other story book has no place in determining whether any two people who want to marry each other , can or cant do it.
Who knows, maybe some of the disciples may have batted for the other side , stranger things have happened , and they really loved that Boys club

I agree with you. I believe the bible is just made up stories that somebody put out there and people believed in it and it continued on. Someone else probably saw this and got jealous and wrote his own book and called it the Koran and said this is the REAL story, and so on. In the end if you believe in something then good on you as long as you don’t try and preach or convert me then i’m happy for you.
My wife and son are church goers which is great because i get some peace and quiet sunday morning to read the paper and watch Sports Sunday.

Not long ago we were sitting at the dinner table and my son says ‘Dad why don’t you believe in God?’ so i told him my thoughts. His comeback was ’ Because you don’t believe in God you won’t come to heaven with me and Mum, you’ll go to hell’. Pretty heavy for him to think this but i assured him that i’m a betting man and i’ll take the punt on it.

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Anyone know if Tane Edmed is a relation to Steve? He was a tough front rower, not overly talented but wouldn’t take a backward step.