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I like Chris as our 14-17…can cover back row and centre if required…give him a spot in the 30, he won’t break the bank

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The sooner he leaves the better…worst Administrator the NRL has had

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LM is a done deal…just doing the marketing strategy around the announcement.before its officially out

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@Tcat I have a connection with someone who works for the Roosters, he told me last night its “as good as done”.

They are working out the finer points of his WT contract and the release from his 2020 year of the Roosters contract.

As this will be our biggest ever signing, the WT marketing Dept are working overtime to make the most out of this when its formally announced…They are in no hurry to announce this and are keen to “get it right”

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The Mole: Wests Tigers planning raid for Titans star AJ Brimson

There’s more bad news in store for the bruised and battered Gold Coast Titans.

I’m hearing Wests Tigers are already planning a raid on the Titans’ best young player - electric fullback AJ Brimson - for 2021.

Brimson, a match-winning utility back who at 20 will only get better, is signed with the Titans until the end of next season.

That means that the Tigers can begin formal talks with the youngster in November - and word has it they are already preparing an offer too good to refuse.

With Benji Marshall likely to retire at the end of next season, Brimson shapes as the perfect player to fill his large shoes.

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@TheDaBoss said in Talau:

1 word
A lot of potential

thats 4

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FWIW, had lunch today with a client of mine who is also a third party sponsor of the Wests Tigers. He shared with me a couple of things that are probably little on the generic side (and restating what has been mentioned elsewhere) however may still be of interest to some ;

  • Packer going no where given his own personal residence is in Leichhardt and kids go to nearby schools. Packer feels he has a point to prove in 2020.
  • my client expects there will be a big signing that will be announced this week that may surprise fans (a nice surprise apparently). Didn’t know /share who it was however will be apparently a “what the xxxx” moment once announced
  • something needs to be finalised with Matterson before 31/10 otherwise we will start paying him from next year’s Cap. Players are livid with him at the moment and he was told where to shove it when he turned up at a recent social function
  • an old sponsor will likely make a come back on our 2020 jersey
  • Matalino looks like being medically retired (been said a few times elsewhere)

Appreciate the info, WM!

Look in a way I’m glad Packer wants to stay…by now he will have understood what it will take to break into the 17, and hopefully he exceeds, cause we need more mongrel in our pack.
As for Matterson, if we don’t offload him before 1/11, no big deal whatever he eats out of our 2020 cap, we seek in return as part of “the compensation”.
The big news signing I expect to be Lomax

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Dylan Smith…have you ever watched him play?..he is rubbish…

The reality is Madge doesn’t have much to chose from

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As a WT member for the BankWest games, I can say after 4 games our fans are not supporting us there, for all 4 supposedly home games our fans were outvoiced and outnumbered…we only won 1 of the 4 games there and that was a fluke…6 LO + 6 CSS, is what we should be doing, if we can’t afford that , then we should hand in our NRL license. I’m over not having a Home ground advantage, we have quickly lost our identity…

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@tigerap No club could be as stupid as Wests Tigers letting Cleary run the club when he knew that he wouldn’t be there the following year.

The Tigers hired Cleary as Head Coach on a 3 year contract, learning from Potter and Taylor failures, it gave Cleary full control of the roster, and as we all know now Cleary intentionally stuffed our roster for the next 3 years. There was no way the club knew of Cleary’s motives when they hired him… can’t blame the club

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If we’ve signed Walters, Reynolds is gone

I don’t think you can make an automatic connection. Reynolds has a contract so unless someone else is interested he’s not going anywhere. I thought he looked sharp in small doses last week.

The club will be making announcements regarding McQueen, Reynolds and Mats after the season is over

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The club media dept, in my view, is still pretty pedestrian, despite improvements in other areas.

Have a watch and listen to the 2 interviews after yesterday’s game that are up on the WT website, fair dinkum the interviewer sounds like a 10 yo, and her questions are as shallow as a wading pool. Surely they can find someone who can do a 1minute interview…

Today, as a WT member, I received an email titled “join us in round 25”… it promoted purchasing tickets to what is already a sold out game on Sunday and it also had a “game day info” page/link that is a broken page (page not found 404)…

Pretty poor from our media department.

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What was the deal? Is Mbye’s injury that bad he couldn’t have come in? If so, why was he named in the 17. Having both Farah and grub on the bench was a recipe for disaster.

As soon as Thompson was ruled out it was game set and match…although I would have put Nofo to FB and momo to wing and brought in Talau at centre…kept bench as is

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WT have all their ducks lined up for the big Latrell signing etc(inc a 2020 release from the Roosters)…but his manager is stalling putting pen to paper.

Tigers are getting impatient with Latrell and the lack of communication and commitment from his manager…

WT are the only club to formally table LM an offer.

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Solid at Centre again tonight…

Does he take Mbyes spot when Joey returns?