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hahaha Farah has NEVER played 5/8….fish and chip wrapping…

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all these unofficial official announcements today :crazy

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@Tiger Watto:

wouldnt it be great to win it in 2016!


What the spoon…. :roll

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@Tiger Torch:

Based on training and fitness tests being completed this week the current top 17 in opposed teams training is:
Team #1
Naquima / was replaced by Rankin when he corked his thigh
Farah ( fittest in 5 seasons, both in skin fold and general speed/stamina)
Edwards starts at 13, then considered part of prop rotation , when replaced by Halatau, Sironen moving from 2nd row to lock
Chee Kam

Team #2
Ballin (still in rehab Cherrington has been filling in)
Tyler Cassell
Kyle Lovett
Jesse Parahi
Dalla Graham
Josh Aloiai / Asipeli Fine (hamstring strain)
Billy McConnachie ( being considered as part of prop rotation, struggling a little with fitness - all props have to play a minimum of 50 minutes, Woods likely to play min 60 minutes)

The two first grade positions up for grabs in round 1 are 1 wing and 1 centre. Taylor not keen on returning Naquima to wing, Addo Carr much better under the high ball.
Chee Kam would be next in line for centre position at this stage even though he prefers to play 2nd row.
Rankin considered a play maker, will put genuine pressure on Brooks / Moses. Brooks fitness is way behind Moses at this stage.
The biggest bolters for first grade / top 25 are Tyler Cassell & Addo Carr whose sprint times match Korobete.
Woods and Lawrence to be appointed joint captains.
Taylor will start the season with 2 hookers, but ideally only wants to play 1.
Ballin unlikely to be fit to be considered for 1st grade until round 3-4, will likely start off in State Cup.
Only informal discussions with Ivan Cleary at this stage, he wants $500k and a 3 yr deal.
Taylor will be given to round 12 then a contract performance trigger would allow for his termination / however if Tigers don’t win at least 50% of games prior to round 12 then negotiations could start as early as round 6.
Harry is already active in TPSs for Woods; Teddy; Brooks ; Moses. He stands ready for Klemmer
Tigers will go all out for Klemmer in 2017. They are prepared to pay both Woods & him $750k per season rising to $900k in 3rd year of contract + attractive TPAs . I’m still not confident we will get him, but whoever does they will have to pay top dollar.
We remain active in player market albeit our offers for Brenton Lawrence; Tim Grant; Tim Lafai were way below what other clubs were able to offer. I’m not worried, provided we can snare someone like Klemmer.
Lawrence will be offered $400k per season to remain with club in 2017-2018.
Final scoop - Farah will 90% leave the club at the end of 2016 for ESL. This will be a definite if NSW wins origin. Tigers will give him a golden handshake of approx $750k! Likely to return down the track as club ambassador / marketing role. He has made no secret that with his economics degree he believes he could handle CEO role down the track either at the Tigers or NRL.

That’s an incredible insight you have shared with us….I hope more than 50% is true…Where are Moses and Brook at with either staying or leaving?

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Didn’t Fifita sign a mega rich 4 year deal with the Sharkies in 2015?.

Why are they moving him on?…have they finally seen the same light Sheens did with this clown?.

As for Lewis…Aged Care should be his next stop…

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300 pages; 101,218 views; 5385 posts Wow!

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First Chooks now Dragons players don’t want a bar of Farah.

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Hey GCT,apparently JT has said he and Farah have worked through most of their issues…
As far as I’m concerned Taylor is the coach…Farah is the player and I don’t care how long he has been here…coach is the boss,irrespective of your opinion of him which we are all familiar with…if Robbie can’t be told he is playing reserve grade if his form justifies it,then that’s what has to happen…I couldn’t careless what a club legend he has been…he has been paid big money for to long…“familiarity breeds contempt”…not a bad old saying…

Ha, JT says a lot of things but it doesn’t mean they are correct. Perhaps what he actually said was lost in the translation. In any event, our new CEO is so taken with JT’s off the cuff and scripted interviews that he has slapped a media ban on him. Imagine an NRL coach not having permission to speak to the media! Now that is just downright embarrassing and must be hard for the ego to take.

Thats according to a journo isn’t it? Unless i missed something official.

Keeping away from the media is a good thing ATM…they are on a feeding frenzy with the WT

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Wonder what was going through Farah’s mind as they called the photo shoot. :sign:

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Roosters are in damage control over Farah….clubs… are quickly finding out Farah is a poisoned chalice …