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“They look at the list of top players who left the Tigers – James Tedesco, Aaron Woods, Mitch Moses, Josh Addo-Carr – and wonder what drove them out.”

I really hate this type of list.

We did everything we could do to keep Teddy and Woods, they didn’t want to stay. Adding to that, we weren’t winning much with them in the squad…

Moses was not a top player at the time either and didn’t want to stay. This is a guy who blatantly tanked it in his last few games too and shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as any other player listed.

The Fox yes, that’s completely on the club, but he actually wanted to stay.

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someone’s having a laugh

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yeah wow, need more information really, but if he did actually do something…we may have more money in the cap

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I’ll probably be there for the magic round…unsure about the other game

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so, why do survey’s asking fans about what changes when you don’t bother listening to them? A big one was golden point and still nothing

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tbh, great move by the club, we will not be held to ransom anymore.

Mitchell clearly needs to dump his management as well.

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Should be some sort of deportation saying no

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So, have had some re-signings, signing Abbey on small contract, now this one…are we saving bigger news last?

You’d think we’d get this kid for next year, not in the Eels best interests with someone taking up a spot that won’t be there in the following year.