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@TillLindemann said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Tweed_Tiger The arrogance on there is nauseating. God I hate roosters fans.

all 10 of them?

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If that price is true, yeah that’s pretty good actually. We haven’t exactly gone over the top given the skills the guy does have and a good goal kicker too, just as long as he brings his A game into every game.

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Seems like the board isn’t rushing into anything, which is good.

Hopefully things work out for once for us, it’s been a while.

If we decide Mitchell will work out and he signs that would be a start, be awesome if we also get Brown, Zane and the Fox on top of that.

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Yeah it’s pretty crap in Lismore at the moment, but at least we’ve only been covered in smoke rather than flames.


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I would suspect I had suddenly moved to an alternate reality if we manage to sign JAC and Mitchell

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Just finished watching that game. Amazing to watch and hear the crowd. We need more of that.

Tonga were great, but how good could they be if their halves were better?

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Yeah it’s been a bit of a slug fest so far. Reckon if Foran had shoulders the Kiwi’s might have run away with this.

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Nice try by Frozen, Fiji just too classy

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We need forwards, good decent forwards at that

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Bit disappointing that it appears we got nothing else out of this besides freeing up a heap of cash.