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Possession is key this season. Heard a Madge interview yesterday morning on the radio.he said the fatigue is being noticed late in the game. Which opens it up late. Win the battle earlier then capitalise late. Hopefully repeat sets by Brooks and Reynolds will help us win the possession count.

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I was all into moving on from our foundation clubs however in this current climate of expansion and relocation I don’t mind the WestsTigers giving a nod to the past.
Particularly now we are playing home games out of Parra Stadium and probably going to Parra Leagues after the game (which ajoins the ground).
I don’t think it’s a wise move cutting ties with our foundation clubs just yet.

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Really? I saw the nose but I though the rips could have been broken . It’s a long turn around maybe they are just hoping he’ll be ok.
If he plays we will have to test him out.

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I quite like it. Quite like our home jersey this year as well.

Black is black. White is white. So they can’t get that wrong. It’s just the shade of gold I normally object to. Our current gold isn’t too bad on our home jersey. Heaps better than where it was a year ago. Looked like a burnt orange or Newcastle workers high vis gone wrong.
On the heritage the gold looks good

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Brisbane did turn up for that game. Up until the 25-30 minute mark they were looking like they were going to put a big score on us. The way we keep turning up for every play made the commentators really see how good our side can be.
BtW how good is it to have a Thursday night win.makes the weekend so good . I enjoyed the Titians comeback win over Penrith.

Last weekend I didn’t want to watch any footy after our Friday night loss. That one was hard to take. This made up for it.

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We had great numbers in defence and attack everyone seems to be switched on.

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Agree Brooks has had a slow start to the season. His defence has been good but we have needed more out of his attack and running game. Against the Broncos he ran for over 150 meters and was constantly threatening. Making the Broncos defensive line speed stop and become disjointed. Grub and Brooks have been good together.
Last year Brooks was consistent from game one. This year not so. Hopefully he has turned to corner.

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Statistics don’t always tell the full story and Josh Reynolds’ erratic style means he has an error or two in him, but his attitude is doing wonders for Michael Maguire’s team.

Reynolds missed nine tackles in the Tigers thrilling 22-16 victory over the Broncos, but his performance had the commentators in rapture.

“He is always the first one there and energy is infectious among your teammates and Reynolds has it in spades,” Corey Parker said in commentary.

“He’s been brilliant with his kick and chase tonight and he has been everywhere.”

Reynolds’ stats sheet against the Broncos read 26 run metres from four runs, with a try assist and 18 tackles, but he missed nine.

On the surface the stats are not amazing and he was outplayed by his halves partner Luke Brooks.

However, Reynolds’ kick-chase game was a major reason why the Tigers were able to keep the pressure on the Broncos, especially in the final quarter of the match, as Braith Anasta noted in commentary.

“He’s becoming a master at these kicks,” Anasta said.

“Last week against the Panthers he had two kicks for tries and two repeat sets and he has had another two repeat sets tonight.

“He gets the timing and the depth of the kicks and he’s the first one there in the chase.”

Reynolds started the season in reserve grade, but has been a ball of energy and enthusiasm since returning to the top side against the Panthers.

Against Penrith, Reynolds also had four missed tackles, but with them came 17 tackles and two try-assists in a man-of-the-match performance, despite the 9-8 golden point loss.

Tigers coach Michael Maguire was effusive in his praise for his halves after they learned from their mistakes against the Panthers with the game on the line against Brisbane.

“That shows the maturity of the team and the senior players and not only that, but just my halves as well,” Maguire said.

Josh Reynolds tackles Broncos counterpart Anthony Milford.

Josh Reynolds tackles Broncos counterpart Anthony Milford.Source: AAP

“They have been working tirelessly in the background to make sure they understand in moments in games what you need to do and they are showing that on the park.

“That’s the belief in each other to be able to go and do that.

“I’ve got a really tight group and I’ve walked into a team and they look after each other.”

The Tigers set up for a game-winning field goal, but due to the pressure from the Broncos defence, they chose to run the ball leading to Michael Chee Kam’s winning try.

The ability to react to the moment on the run was not lost on Maguire.

“They set up for the field goal, so you learn your lesson from the week before and you take that forward and we showed that tonight,” Maguire said.

Reynolds didn’t let nine missed tackles stop him from making an impact down the stretch.

Reynolds didn’t let nine missed tackles stop him from making an impact down the stretch.Source: AAP

“They could have had a rushed kick field goal, but then they ran the ball and we knew that could possibly happen at some point.

“The boys actually practised that and that’s what happens and practice comes out at times like that.”

The Tigers’ coach knows he will have a selection headache when Benji Marshall returns from injury, but he is excited to have such depth in his playmaking stocks.

“I think they are growing the boys and even with Benji too, I’ve got a good mix of boys there,” Maguire said.

“We’ve changed our style of how we want to play and the combinations of our halves and they are adapting really well.

“That was a game that came down to the last play and sure enough they did a good job.”