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I’ve scrolled through and skim read most of this thread. My questions are:

  1. If Justin Pascoe has been ordered to have zero contact with the club, how is he meant to argue his case?
  2. If this does go to court, is it Justin challenging it or the club? Or both together?
  3. I saw a 9 month term mentioned. Obviously there could well be zero truth to that but if that was the case, couldn’t Justin just sit out for that period while Kelly Egan for example, took the temporary reins before returning after that time? Where did that info originally come from? I know de-registered means banned but when I saw a time frame mentioned it threw me?

These could be stupid questions but thought I’d put it out there for some clarification. I’m very sad to see this situation unfold, I’ve met and spoken to Justin a number of times and he really is an asset to the club. He speaks passionately and has big visions and plans moving forward. Hopefully the Brydens team can/have come onboard and help fix this mess.

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They have not taken money from my account yet. I have opted in.
They told me when I rang a few weeks ago to have money in my account on 11/10.

Have you gotten a new card lately? Mine expired and had a new one sent out a few months ago. I didn’t have the money taken out of my account either but then I realised the details were different so it wouldn’t have processed. I called and got it done over the phone

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So if it’s storm twice in the first 5 rounds plus the other teams of this year’s top 4 …
It’ll look something like this

Roosters ANZ ( home )
Storm AAMI Park
Broncos … CS or LO ? <—— Campbelltown Friday night
Eels ANZ ( home )
Storm Mt Smart ( home )

I’ve seen a picture floating around on Twitter identical to whats written above. Then following on it suggests:

  • Manly @ Lottoland Sunday game
  • Newcastle @ Scully Park Tamworth (our home game) Saturday game
  • Parramatta @ ANZ Sunday game
  • New Zealand @ Mt Smart Saturday game
  • North Queensland @ Leichhardt (our home game) Thursday game
  • Penrith @ Panthers Stadium Thursday game
  • Canterbury @ ANZ (our home game) Sunday game
  • Roosters (their home game) Saturday game
  • Cronulla (their home game) Saturday game

That’s all that can be seen in the pic. Looks pretty on the money though

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I saw Aloiai the other day when he was roaming around Campbo Stadium before the game. Asked him about his injury and how that was all progressing, he reckons he’ll be back for the game against the Knights- that’s what he’s aiming for. He was trying for the Titans but doctors didn’t want to risk it not being 100%. He said his recovery is going really well and he even said he was about 6 weeks ahead of schedule in rehab which is awesome news!

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Received info on next years membership as we have auto rollover and there was mention of voting rights for members next season .
Do not know what this means exactly but interesting non the less!

I haven’t received anything as yet Snake, did you receive the info today? does the info you received outline how many games are being played at each of our home grounds next year?

I spoke to the membership department the week before last and was told the home ground allocation for next year will be exactly the same as it currently is