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Nothing to see here…Fake news day for the terminally bored and self proclaimed sports reporter… I think we’re all aware of the realities of our situation…And Madge is the right man to do the job, so let’s hope his got a really big broom.

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@TIGER said in Fullback required:

Thomo will be fine just needs to fix up a few things, he hasn’t played many on the trot at the back.
Let’s judge him in 6 weeks after he’s had a decent run of games there, he’s much more of a threat than Mbye was, gets more involved and him and Benji seem to have a thing developing.

I’ll go the other way and say I’m prepared to judge him now…I think his only ever been a stop gap filler - anyone that thinks otherwise is definitely kidding themselves…As much as we all love Coreys big heart his not the answer for us at fullback - he gets found out to much in big games, we saw another example of that last night.

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Food For Thought
The days of takeaway are long gone for Alex Twal,now he’s hungry for success on and off the field.
big league week

HE’S the young prop with a seemingly endless motor, and Alex Twal puts his freakish fitness down to a decision to swap Hungry Jack’s for jumping jacks in a bid to become a professional footballer.
While most front-rowers these days punch out 25 minutes before coming off, the Wests Tigers big man consistently puts in huge stints for his side. In the recent win over the Rabbitohs, Twal played the first half unchanged and returned after a 12-minute rest, making a team-high 41 tackles in the process.
His defensive efficiency is through the roof in 2019, with the 23-year-old making 96.2 per cent of his tackles, while he’s only 17 tackles away from bettering his season tally of 569 from 21 matches in 2018.
And while he makes things look easy on the field now, Twal reveals it was a lot different when he was a kid.
“I was very overweight when I was young,” he tells Big League.
“I’d eat anything that wasn’t good for you. Whether it was Maccas or double whoppers from Hungry Jack’s, I was out of control. But from a very early age, my dream was to play rugby league, so I knew I had to work hard to get there.
“It was Harold Matts (under-16s) when I realised I had to change. Everyone’s dream when they’re 15 or 16 is to play Harold Matts, and that was my first goal because I knew I could build a career from there.
“Now I just try to control the things that I can off the field, such as my diet and my training. I always make sure I put in the extras during the week and stay on top of my fitness requirements so that when I come out on the field, I know I’m prepared to the best of my ability and that the boys have the faith in me to get the job done.”
Twal may have moved on from burgers and kebabs, but food remains a big part of his life.
“I eat a lot and I love food challenges,” he says.
“I’ve got a pretty fast metabolism so I eat a lot, but it’s all good food. I’m all about organic food that’s going to benefit my body. I’m really big on that. I tend to stay away from things like schnitzel challenges and instead focus on things like massive steaks – I remember doing a one kilo T-Bone steak with mashed potato and salad – I love my challenges.”
One of Twal’s biggest influences this season has been the arrival of Ryan Matterson. The pair came through the Eels junior system together and have now reunited after going down different paths over recent years.
“We’ve been close for a few years. We grew up down the road from each other and we’re really good mates. Even when he went to the Roosters, we always stayed in touch,” Twal explains.
“He’s been awesome this year and he’s really taken on that leadership role. We feed off each other, and I believe he’s helped my football this year by helping me build my confidence.
“He’s won a premiership, he’s been in the frame for Origin and he’s one of the most consistent forwards in the comp, so I listen to him as much as possible because he’s someone I look up to. As soon as we leave training we’re on the phone chatting, and our girlfriends are really good friends so that makes it even better.”
His performances on the field have seen him rapidly rise from under-rated prop to one of the most reliable big men in the game, but Twal wants to ensure his legacy doesn’t finish with footy.
He wants to break the stereotypes often associated with forwards, and he’s hoping an internship with the Tigers down the track will kick-start a career in the financial sector once his footballing days are over.
“The boys always stitch me up at training as being a bit of a dope, but studies are important to me,” he says.
“I’m doing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing at the Australian Catholic University via correspondence, and I’m also doing my Cert III and IV in Fitness. I try to keep busy off the field because life after football is important – but I believe study helps you on the field as well.
“I’m actually looking to do an internship at the Tigers. It’s been a bit hard with all our away games, but it’s something I’m really serious about.”

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Tigers fans at half time…
alt text

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Another Scott “Boo” Bailey special…


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I don’t understand the need to swap one mediocre player for another - Sami struggling at the best of times just to keep his spot in the Titans…I’d rather grin and bear what we have until some decent outside backs come on the market, plus I’d rather wait until we have some decent coin to go after those top outside backs and I’ll throw in a aggressive hard running forward while I’m at it.

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How is that even possible?..There is something seriously wrong with our competition If that gets the OK from the NRL…Here’s a club Cronulla who has a history of continually flouting the NRL salary cap and are still being investigated to this date for passed indiscretions, yet our so called brains trust of the NRL are prepared to reward them by giving the OK…

They are just following the Roosters formula.

Capwell out, Ramien in
Jayden Nikorima out, Cooper Cronk in

Like for like!

Maybe we should swap Packer for D.Fifita I can see the likenesses…

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@Spacecub said in Tiger troubles with player safety:

Generally where there’s smoke theres fire…grubs mum told me weeks ago the players are filthty about training up till the GF…and Maguires hard nosed attitude…I was constantly hammered on here regarding ivan Cleary…didnt think he was much of a coach…thoughts about Maguire are pretty much the same, yes he won a comp at souths, but gilligan could have coached that team…I then saw him stuff that side

Sorry SC totally disagree…Souths in regards to Michael Maguire were an absolute rabble of a team before he was appointed their Coach…In the 10 years prior to his arrival, Souths only manage to make the top 8 once, during Madge’s tenure of 7 years it turned into 4 Finals appearances, 1 Grand Final win (which no Coach had manage to do since the 70s)…There is no doubt in my mind that Madge is the right fit for the WTs at this stage of our history, we have needed a strong disciplinarian Coach for a long time, and if the so called couple of disgruntled players don’t agree with his coaching methods then their obviously the wrong fit for our club.

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@851 said in Tigers sign Farah replacement as Sheens eyes his options:

Tim Sheens, I think we should look elsewhere, his time at Hull KR should tell us to stay clear

Tim Sheens can stay in the GB as far as I’m concerned…The further away the better - Teflon Tim left this club in such a mess that it had dire effects on all departments of the WTs organisation…To the point the club was still rectifying those issues until about 6 to12 mths ago.