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1. Tottenham vs Man City 1-2

2. Swansea City vs Liverpool 1-3
3. Hull City vs Chelsea 0-2
4. Watford vs AFC Bournemouth 1-1
5. Sunderland vs West Brom 1-2
6. Leicester City vs Southhampton 1-1

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1. Arsenal vs Chelsea 2-2

2. Bournemouth vs Everton 1-3
3. Swansea vs Man City 0-2
4. Man U vs Leicester 1-1
5. Liverpool vs Hull 2-0
6. Middlesbrough vs Tottenham 1-2

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1. Hull City vs Arsenal 0-3

2. Man City vs AFC Bournemouth 2-1
3. Leicester City vs Burnley 2-1
4. Everton vs Middlesbrough 1-0
5. Watford vs Man U 1-3
6. Southhampton vs Swansea City 2-2

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1. Man U vs Man City 2-2

2. AFC Bournemouth vs West Brom 1-1
3. Burnley vs Hull City 1-2
4. Middlesbrough vs Crystal Palace 2-1
5. West Ham vs Watford 1-0
6. Liverpool vs Leicester City 1-1

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@sideline eye:

It’s quite simple really, don’t believe what you read on the forum or the media; Pascoe has said countless times, don’t believe anything about the club unless the club announces it. All the rest is just the froth and bubble of the media and fan base.

You’re only gonna get good stories from the club. Parra fans would believe that never cheated the cap going by what the club has said.

Some do

Yeah, i know a heap of parra fans. They’re a different breed. Normal, intelligent people until you start talking about the eels with them.

Lol…That’s not exclusive to Eel supporters. When you’re a passionate footy supporter, so called normality and intelligence flies out the window in any case. 😆

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1. Tottenham vs Liverpool 2-1

2. Chelsea vs Burnley 2-0
3. Everton vs Stoke City 2-1
4. Leicester vs Swansea City 1-1
5. Watford vs Arsenal 1-2
6. Hull City vs Man U 1-3

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The whining is from the group that can not believe there superhero has meet his match ,just a big YAWN …only two more weeks and gone forever :righton: .

Since you mentioned it, we can sure use Robbie this week against the Warriors.
But I’m sure you disagree Snake 😎

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My guess is he’s found something better to fill in his spare time with.
It wouldn’t be hard to do. Lol…Isn’t that right Happy! 😉