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Have to apologise on this one guys, doesn’t look like it’s happening now…

Was definitely on the cards but AJ wants to stay at Souths and fight.

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“Big reports today coming out of Redfern that they’ll be parting ways with 2014 premiership winner Alex Johnson (Johnston). Expect to see him in a Tigers jersey in the next few days”

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I am a massive fan of Zane Musgrove, he was keeping The Burgess boys honest in 2016 and 2017 and can be one heck of a prop forward moving north.

I suspect he will start in reserves however, he didn’t start pre-season until late and has been away from footy for a little while.

The rule of Madge is there is no such thing as players walking into sides no matter how good you are if the effort hasn’t been there or you are still an emerging player going into a new team.

  1. Johnston

  2. Thompson

  3. Mbye

  4. Talau

  5. Momirovski

  6. Marshall

  7. Brooks

  8. Twal

  9. Reynolds/Taylor

  10. Aloiai

  11. Lawrence

  12. Garner

  13. Eisenhuth

  14. Mikaele

  15. Chee-Kam

  16. Leilua

  17. Clark

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I don’t suspect Gagai is leaving Souths which is why Addo-Carr won’t be going there, Souths have a stack of outside back anyhow.

I’ve always felt like the flack towards Gagai was because he was at Centre and defensively he isn’t one.

As a Winger, he is one of the better one’s in the comp and that’s where Souths will be playing him in 2020.

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I am a rabbitohs supporter first and foremost, a lot of you would already be aware of this as I shared part of my story before at some point last season and it’s true that I felt forever indebted by the old coach Michael Maguire and I am initially here because of him.

I’ve been questioned by some on here that I am not a Wests Tigers supporter and what happens if Madge was sacked? I’ve thought about that and I couldn’t give a definitive answer…Until now.

I lost my father in the late 90’s to health he struggled with over his entire life, he doubled more than his total life expectancy but I was only a young fella and it wasn’t any consolation to me.

He was a mad Souths supporter hence the reason I am, he grew up in Maroubra so was amongst it in the 70’s.

He was a gigging musician and was providing for me, my sister and my mum who was raising primary school children and only worked one day a week at a baby wear store.

He was an absolute weapon of a drummer, the best in the region even and went as far as being employed by the Beatles number 1 tribute band.

One of my biggest disappointments in life was that we never got to see a Souths game today due to his work and having to pace himself, apart from myself and his dad (my pop) Souths were the men in his life.

We went to just one NRL game together, in 1999 - Souths either had a bye or were away.

It was the Roosters playing a team and as Souths supporters it’s our duty to hate the roosters, who was the team they played? The Magpies.

There will be supporters of either the Tigers kind or the Magpies kind that has been so for 50 years, that’s older than I am and i respect the heck out of people who spend most of their spare time going to games, travelling interstate even to do so.

I am a new supporter of this club and I will learn the history the Wests Tigers over time, I will learn the rich histories of Balmain and Western Suburbs over time.

About to enter the 2nd of many years as a Wests Tigers member and it’s a real special feeling.

I’ll never stop following Souths as my No.1 team but new things come into your life for a reason, Madge brought me over but it did make me think of the grand memory of it all.

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I don’t have any mail at all on Josh Addo-Carr but my gut feeling says he’ll be a Tiger - Hope I am right in terms of the Tigers part of me which is still growing.

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Johnston will be at the club within the next 48 hours.

Awesome! Helping Souths make room for LM…

This is such a ridiculous point - if we didn’t sign him someone else would sign someone from Souths to make room for Latrell. Us not signing someone won’t mean Latrell magically decides to come to the Tigers.

Read again. Pretty sure I didn’t state us signing AJ means we lose out on LM. Could care less if we got him or not, but helping Souths get him? Stuff that, they want him, why should we get the off cuts.

It doesen’t help Souths get him - they will get him either way therefore it is of no help

Correct, It’s my understanding that they can fit Arrow and Mitchell in their cap if Latrell takes a pay cut for his first season which it sounds like he could be open too.

Alex will free up closer to the mark of Mitchell’s salary demands.

I was told it was processed over the weekend for three seasons and we could hear something very soon.

AJ is an extremely solid player, I’ve watched him for a number of seasons and he is a good Fullback, not the best but he is fairly dependable and it will just depend on the structures in place on how he is utilised.

Luke Brooks and Alex Johnston will be a masterful combination, AJ’s strength is his following through on kicks and he reads the game really well in that facet and also defence.

He may not be a traditional game-breaker like Latrell is or Tedesco is but he closer to a peak Darius Boyd whom in his time was a pretty handy player and the Kangaroos Incumbent when Slater retired from rep footy or was injured (can’t remember which one)

Johnston has a lot more speed than Darius ever did in the focal point of his career so he is still a top of the line finisher on either wing, I feel he is stronger on the left wing but he can play either side fine.

Alex debuted very young at Souths, 18 or maybe just clocked over to 19 and is still only 24 years of age so he still has five or six seasons to develop at the back in terms of a projected peak timeline.

I am sure the club will set some kind of personal KPI’s to ensure improvement is seen and he is getting better and better to ensure Tigers have the right man at the back, As i said if he doesn’t he is a mighty fine left winger.

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Johnston will be at the club within the next 48 hours.

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  1. James Tedesco

  2. Beau Ryan

  3. Chris Lawrence ©

  4. Esan Marsters

  5. Kevin Naiqama

  6. Benji Marshall

  7. Luke Brooks

  8. Keith Galloway

  9. Robbie Farah

  10. Aaron Woods

  11. Gareth Ellis

  12. Chris Heighington

  13. Liam Fulton

  14. Mitch Moses

  15. Ben Murdoch-Masila

  16. Elijah Taylor

  17. Alex Twal

  18. Dene Halatau

  19. David Nofoaluma

  20. Sauaso Sue

  21. Lote Tuqiri

Good list, but I’d swap either Beau or Kevin (it’s a toss up) for Patty Richards.

I could move Naiqama to Centre, Richards Wing? I’m frustrated because i honestly thought i remembered everyone!