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@Ponyo said in Politics Super Thread - keep it all in here:

@GNR4LIFE I hope you spend the same
energy you do here on local & federal
issues. You remind me of the guy at
Town Hall meetings that talks a lot &
proposes nothing - ad naseum. Haha

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Am I the only person on this forum who think’s Jai Arrow is one of the most over-hyped and outrageously over priced players in the NRL in the last few years.

Let’s get fair dinkum here, he was the so called star of the team that collected the wooden spoon, and didn’t Bennett let him walk from the Broncos to go to the Titan’s without too much of an argument.

Please enlighten me.

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I’ll reiterate what I posted the other day, Mitchell is the be all and end all of nothing and as for consistency in his game go have a good close look for yourselves.

Personally I hope Maguire goes back to PLAN A and throws the kitchen sink at Lomax.

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I’ve watched this whole charade play out for he last few weeks.

Mitchell is neither the be all or end all of anything.

Personally I think at $1m a season he is a huge risk.

If it was my money to spend I would have some real doubts about the value I might get.

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Personally I don’t think there is a chance in the world that Reynolds will start at hooker next year.

If we have signed up Billy Brittain as appears so, Canterbury Cup player of the year, he’ll walk into our First Grade side, from day one.

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@formerguest said in Johns/Molan Spat:

Erin is okay, reasonably knowledgeable on sport in general and not up herself from my limited time spent with her. Cannot stand her father though.

I bet your time spent with Erin was limited.

As for Jim Molan go read what the US military says about him. A truly great Australian .

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@MAGPIES1963 said in Thread closed?:

G’day @Abraham: I love your username by the way.
I to have made some very pro-religion posts on here and been denigrated for it.

I don’t have the theologic knowledge that you have, and I find arguments stressful so I don’t put up much of a fight.

I do know however what I seriously object to, and that is the Holy Names of God and Jesus being used in a very in-appropriate way on this forum. So I have referred a number of posts to our administrators for moderation. I wasn’t successful on most occasions though.

I also have objected very strongly to the depiction of Jesus being used in an inappropriate and in my opinion disrespectful way.

Let’s face it, it’s simply a matter of respect for each other’s beliefs and points of view.

We are all on the same side on this forum, but we don’t act like that sometimes.

Good on you Champion.
I agree with your post 100%.

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Well how might have this started.

I’m looking no further than the Tigers alleged pursuit of Jai Arrow, the totally overrated Titans player who supposably knock back 800k to test his value on the open market.

Matteson has to be kept at all cost, if money is that tight he get’s Lawrence’s 100k with a promised further upgrade based on performance for the following year.

I’m well and truly over sentimentality, I wonder how many sentimentalist’s were wearing orange, black and white at Leichhardt around 3.55pm last Sunday afternoon.

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@bigsiro said in Lawrence to weigh up future after ruling out Super League move:

@Telltails said in Lawrence to weigh up future after ruling out Super League move:

Every club needs a player like Chris Lawrence

I think you mean that every club needs a “guy” like Chris Lawrence.
Fair call.
But a “player” like him?
No club needs that. At least not a club with ambitions of finishing higher than 9th.

Don’t often agree with you Siro but you are 100% correct here.
Excellent post.

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If you take the emotion out of this unfortunate situation Chris should not be resigned. His best playing days expired about eight years back, due to his very unfortunate hip injury. Fortunately for him he had a very lucrative contract signed and sealed, and good luck to him.

I would never be critical of Chris Lawrence the clubman a better one you’ll ever meet.

What should have happened weeks ago was for Farah to have been given a deadline re his ambassador’s job, (has he actually accepted yet) and if he couldn’t give a straight answer the job should have been given to Chris Lawrence.