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It would give then enough cap space equivalent to what they are paying for Grant. Its also keeping Grant happy so that he does not decide to leave the club.

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Well cannot see why Storm would not just loan him to the Tigers for just this season. Its good for the player to get experience, and he will be better experience for the Storm in 2021.

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Scott Prince leaving to the Titans

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Just seen this on a South Forum

“Some interesting news from a friend who knows a bit of about the inner workings of a few clubs. Take it as you will.
Doueihi had a meeting with Roosters yesterday, Contemplating a move there.
Tedesco HAS apparently done his pec and Roosters are in panic mode. (Feel for him if in fact true)
Apparently we should be expecting an announcement next week Tues/Weds if he agrees.
Interesting turn of events.”

I can actually see this happening where Roosters will get AD and he will turn out to be a SOO player… We will sit back and say if only we increase our offer by 100k…


Roosters got Cichton and he was a SOO player

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I don’t see how Souths is a contender or the more attractive offer unless your dad played thier or your manager is being courted by them.
Wayne IMO is going to do it tough with the forward pack he has and if they get any injuries hmm
I think tigers are finally moving forward the media just acts like we aren’t

Media prefer a Rabbits success story, general population would prefer a Tigers one over Souths…

Is this true though? I think we used to be fairly popular with the general population but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Certainly not from people I know that support other clubs.

We’re pretty likeable, I can’t recall anyone saying they hate the Tigers

Have you asked Mitch Moses and Matterson


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For those that suggest we get Lichaa, he may not cost much however ,it would mean that he takes up a spot in the 30, So if we do get AD and JL, that leaves us no room to pick up anyone else. So if Stefano does come available this year we could not take him.

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I can see many people on here still giving it to the club for not having a major signing yet…I tend to sit back and wait until something positive is released by the club,when that is,I don’t know…
From seeing what is going on atm,I honestly believe that Madge and co don’t want to make the same mistakes like in the past;I also believe that with so many young guys in the system atm,Madge seems to want to create from within…I remember when we had some great young players when Sheens was here and he got that legend Gareth Ellis to the club,that was great…maybe Madge is working on the same formula as it seems to work for us…just my opinion though…

The biggest mistake is to do nothing, even a poor mistake is an attempt to fix the problem we have. But saying this, we just need to limit our exposure, spending $500k to attempt to fix a significant hole is in my view, worth it.

Doing nothing fixes nothing

Matulino, McQueen, Reynolds, Packer and Jennings can be classified As our recent costly mistakes. And for me we can perhaps add Mbye and Taylor to that list. Having Smith and McIntyre also clogging up our $s and top 30 list sure begs a question … how many costly mistakes can we afford to make.

Firstly I think Matulino was value and not a mistake, and it was only injury that brought him to a premature end , however he is part of the reason we have surplus now.
I agree McQueen and Reynolds were mistakes, however only because we paid too much.
Packer and Jennings, may turn things around this year, as Packer was very good in 2018, and Jennings had no real preseason in 2019 and both looking a lot better for this season.
Mbye, also had a good season 2018 and seemed to be carrying an injury last year, but was still good enough to play Origin.
Taylor has been good for us for many years, stayed loyal, plays any position which is required, and always give 100%. One of our best defenders.
As for Smith and Mcintyre, they are not clogging up our $, there on minimum contracts, were part of our developement program, and who knows may step up this year, I say give them a chance to prove themselves.

However to spend $500K on AD I would think ok, but if they decided not to , I would understand that as well. Getting the new forward from Parramatta, and JAC would be more of a priority, and having one more place unfilled may benefit us in June.

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Teddy and Brooks are worlds apart.

JAC is the best winger in the comp and Brooks is probably bottom five halfbacks.

If Brooks had potential and we had no idea how he might play then for sure a gamble for a class halfback is worth it, but with our Brooks history and seeing how amazing JAC is, this theoretical swap is a no brainer.

I just don’t understand why we all don’t realize that we have to do something drastically different to win.
The pack is arguably weaker than last year and people are getting excited that Brooks will play better behind this pack. What the??
Why fall into the same trap as the last five years
because Brooks will invariably disappoint again and everyone will blame our pack again.

Just let’s all get a head start and admit our pack is weak right now and Brooks has a pass for another crappy season.

Your wasting your time Siro the Brooks fan boys are out to play . Lukes defence is a major improvement , but like you I just do not see him progressing further in his ability on the park . It’s always he has not got a good pack around him, the relentless comedy of the hospital passes to Rowdy bares all , smart 1/2 s wake up and rectify by either cutting him out or going to the line himself.
He is a competent 1/2 nothing more nothing less !

Well I would like to know the nine better halfbacks in this competition, and who we have that is better, that going to take. He was Dally M in 2018, I think he actually played better last year, he is rated by Brad Fittler, as he is in the emerging Blues side.

Lets just hope we can get Addo Carr, then we will have some one faster than Brooks in our side, who can actually back him up.

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Very sad to see him retire in this manner, hope everything goes well for his future. When he played with us, he was fantastic , he was a wizard, twice Holden Cup Five eighth of the year, played for the Kiwi juniors, he was always destined to play First grade, and really when he left us, could not fathom how we let him go, however in The Taylor era, alot bad decisions were made. Thought he never reached his full potential at Panthers and Cowboys, maybe he was restricted, still he played good, and he was part of that Cowboys team that made a magic run to the Grand Final, unfortunately lost however he did score a try.

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I prefer vegemite on my toast not avocado