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@cochise Yeah 100%, and I agree that we do eventually need to find an Anthem that is more inclusive our first peoples. However, from there stems the next problem, it is virtually impossible to create an Anthem which will reflect every Australian, there will always be a minority who disagrees with a section of, or all of the Anthem.

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The way I see it, our goal is reconciliation for everyone, the strengthening of relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians so we can become one unified nation. And without us all singing one Anthem, we can’t fully achieve this goal of reconciliation which we are working towards. Whether this means introducing a new National Anthem I’m not sure, but I can’t personally see many problems with the two verses of the Anthem that I know. What I can conclude with, however, is that we can’t reach full reconciliation and move on with our lives as a unified nation until the divide is gone, and that includes all proudly singing one National Anthem together under the one banner.

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I would, unless they Bring Back the Bears, and then I’d have to go Norths over a Perth Tigers outfit

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After today’s debacle against the Dogs, I was looking through our draw and realised that we don’t have a proper home game until round 13! We’ve got ‘home’ games at Tamworth against the GC, and at Suncorp for Magic Round against Penrith (bit of a trust we get given a home game for the magic round), but our next proper home game isn’t until round 13 v Canberra at WSS. I recognise we got given 3 home games to start the season, and by and large its given us a good starting pillar, but another 10 rounds at away grounds is a bit ridiculous!

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Cheers mate, Class of Grass in!

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At least Mitch Marsh did us all a favour and didn’t score again.

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Mundine would not have made a dime if no one paid attention to him. Everyone who hates the guy made him rich. Hats off to him.

I completely agree, doesn’t make him any more likable though

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People - it is great to vent on here but it wont do anything.

You need to get on to the NRL. They need to be bombarded with complaints.

You can contact them via I have today. Received two replies already. Just the standard response:

In regards to the incident with the Wests Tigers, the rules are clear around post-career roles. This type of agreement could be used by a club to keep a player at a reduced salary and a way around the cap. The payment should have been disclosed by the club and included in their salary cap.

It is important to stress these are preliminary findings and the club and Mr Pascoe have been given a reasonable time to respond to the proposed penalties.

Thanks again for taking the time to write to us.

They need lots of complaints so they cant ignore the masses.

Just wrote to them.

I am loving the support here on the Forum, its really such a great community on here

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The double standards are horrific. Would defo support a rally, I’d love to see it,

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Pascoe deregistered???
639k out of the cap???
Just watching the interview on FSN and am not believing what I’m seeing from Greenberg