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That’s very true. Whether Mbye or Reynolds could cover the middle in defence is another story. They’re both on a good pay packet and decent players in their own right which makes it hard to leave them out of the team, but this hooker issue could force them both to play there and they’ll have to work on their defence through the off season.

Outside of Liddle, there really isn’t anyone who comes to mind that’s dedicated no.9 in the squad with Farah gone. Once Liddle’s back I have doubts as to whether he can get through 80mins anyway.

I like Reynolds. He puts the team first and brings plenty of energy to the team. He’s a quality backup for Benji and has a little bit of utility value, but his price tag to cover that role isn’t worth it.

If we could somehow get another club to pick up most of his contract (which would be tough) and pick up a decent 80min hooker, I think the balance of the team would be much better.

That would allow us to pick another forward utility on the bench (maybe MCK) who can cover centre. Play Mbye at centre and if injury strikes Mbye can cover a backline reshuffle. Instead of playing musical chairs with players just to cover this issue with the no.9.

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Yeah. Marshall went well there at the start of games, but I think it’s much cleaner and disruptive to the team to just interchange the 9’s between the bench if that’s the way they decide to go.

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Question…with these development players, if they turn out to be duds, are we still obligated to give them a top 30 spot. Like is it a contracted transition from development player to top 30, or can we just be like sorry you didn’t make the cut and recruit elsewhere.

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If they go down that path again next year with Benji covering hooker to start, who plays 6? Didn’t Matto cover it last year?

Will be interesting to see what happens with the No.9 next year. Liddle’s out for the foreseeable future. Brittain has only been rumoured and Simpkin probably isn’t ready.

I think Mbye is almost going to be forced to play 9 or 6 to start games because Reynold’s can’t go 80.

Talau seems like the only one who’s shown he can handle centre to cover Mbye. For what it’s worth I think Mbye and Momirovski are our best centre pairing, but lack of a quality 80 minute No. 9 might force some changes.






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Originally when I heard LM rejected the Roosters offer of 800k I thought he was pretty crazy. That’s an awesome deal for a centre.

When the rumours of him being linked to us started and after all the Matterson drama, I was probably a little concerned LM might’ve been chucking a bit of a sook to get more money. Maybe he only wanted out because they wouldn’t upgrade his deal from 450k next year to the reported 800k he wanted and would then only offer him a max of 800k from 2021 onwards because they only needed him as a centre. The last thing I wanted was another greedy sook playing for the club.

I also remembered a conversation I’d had with a mate a while back who’s involved with the Roosters. It was around the time the rumours of Teddy leaving started and he said that Latrell loved playing centre. Now, maybe things have changed, it was while ago, but I was a little suss on Latrell’s motives for wanting to change position again. Was it purely about money, or did he honestly want the challenge and just knew Teddy was their long-term #1? I guess I just tried to keep an open mind.

Latrell’s a young dad who’s openly commented about wanting to finish up with footy by 30 so I can sort of understand why money might be part of his motivation.

My biggest concern though and ultimately the most important part with signing LM is that he has to genuinely want to return to fullback. That changes the whole conversation about money! 800k as a centre is top dollar. As a fullback - different story. But he has to genuinely want it, not just say that’s the reason to score more money from some poor sucker like us who needs some quality.

If he genuinely wants to play fullback, is willing to get his fitness up, find the consistency and involvement he’s lacked in the past and look after his mental health then he could end up our greatest marquee signing.

If he’s not genuine, and it’s all about the money…well he could just end up being remembered as one of those overpaid millionaire players that everyone couldn’t wait to move on. Surely you’d want to live up to the expectation.

With all that being said, the talk of a staggered 4 year contract is the best way to go. If the numbers are correct (800k/900k/1m/1.1m) then that’s a pretty good deal for a player with the talent of LM as a long-term fullback.

He’s marketable, will attract quality players, has x-factor and can shred a team in half on his day. Let’s just hope he wants to come here with the right intentions and help make us a premiership threat.

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@swag_tiger said in Lure a Fullback:

How did this page turn into McIntyre talk? 😄

It was really easy haha…sorry. I totally side tracked the topic. Saw the photo of him with Pascoe and realised he’s taking up a top 30 spot. Barely seen the guy play but knew he’d made 18th/19th man a few times and asked if anyone rated him. Doesn’t sound like he’s anything flash from what people have said.

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@momo_amp_medo said in Lure a Fullback:

Looks like Justin Pascoe was playing in the Massey Park Golf Club Open Day today, which is just a short 309km drive from Taree

Media clearly on the ball with their reports again


Very unrelevant here, but McIntyre, isn’t he taking up top 30 spot now? Anyone rate him?

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Sounds like a really promising appointment for WT. Didn’t know much about the bloke beforehand, but seems like a guy with a great mix of business acumen and passion for the club.

Another thing I noted in his statement and it hadn’t clicked previously, but the timing of the planned opening of the COE in 2021.

Not only will having a huge amount of salary cap free in 2021, but if they manage to pull it off and get it built it could be a huge draw card for some decent players and the start of a very special era for WT.

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That’s classic! Got a statue before Langer 😂