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@BAGNF05 said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

You’re seeing what you want to see mate

So are you.

Matterson “I want to go to a club where I can win a premiership” 10 months later playing in a preliminary final.

He’s a flog, but I rest my case.

Translation “I hate hard work, I’m self entitled and I deserve more money”

Matterson played better in tigers colours, made 18th man in origin. This year he didn’t even the 30 man squad lol

Yeah Parra made the semis. But they were also knocked out in straight sets quite convincingly. Light years away from winning a premiership.

Time will tell about Aloiai aswell. I don’t think it’s hard to look good when you have plodders like Huth, Packer, Garner etc around you

It’s a good point about JA last season, he was basically the last man standing with all the injuries, he had to look good in that situation.

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@trippa101 said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

@strongee - time will tell … hopefully you’re right… I suspect that we will not win a premiership with Justin and Lee at the helm… can’t change one’s ability to negotiate… its not just up to the kids… its up to our ability to recruit the best players as well … the fact that we are relying on juniors proves my point… if we had fixed all the issues you talked about we would be able to recruit the players we wanted… we cant’t… if you think the club is in a strong position than that shows the difference in our standards. All the best mate

You are aware we have a recruitment team led by Adam Hartigan (ex Easts Recruitment) aren’t you. Justin certainly signs off on the contract, but it is all done before he gets involved.

I think our management is heading us in the right direction.

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@Tigerstar said in David Nofoaluma:

This is just part of the negotiations process

There are different ways of negotiating.

THere are many club greats who chose not to negotiate in the media. These are people with class and dignity and these are people who deserve to be remembered as club greats.

TBH I don’t think the players are smart enough to get these things going, I believe it is there grubby managers, remembering of course every $ they get for the client, that get a cut, they couldn’t give a dam about clubs.

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@Jedi_Tiger said in David Nofoaluma:

don’t think momo can play wing so might be AJ and talau on wings for 2021

Again, I don’t think he will leave

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@Needaname said in David Nofoaluma:

Starting to see the Madge effect now.

What do you mean?

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@diedpretty said in David Nofoaluma:

NRL transfer news: David Nofoaluma could quit Wests Tigers for Parramatta Eels

David Nofoaluma wants his financial demands met by Wests Tigers or he will consider quitting the club - a move that could land the club a rep star.

Star winger David Nofoaluma will consider quitting Wests Tigers for rivals Parramatta if the club fails to meet his financial demands of his next contract.

While Wests face a battle to retain Nofoaluma, The Daily Telegraph understands unwanted Penrith flyer Josh Mansour could now land at the Tigers for next season.

Nofoaluma, 26, is off contract after next season and negotiating a possible three-year extension. The Dally M winger of the year could command could command up to $450,000 a season on a deal that could be worth $1.35 million.

While negotiations with Wests are continuing, Nofoaluma told The Daily Telegraph last week he would test his value on the open market.

“I obviously love the Wests Tigers and the fans, you can tell by my passion.” Nofoaluma said. “But in reality, I am heading into what could potentially be my last contract.

“I am going to explore all my options and weigh up what’s the best decision for myself and more importantly my future.”

If Nofoaluma cannot secure a lucrative deal at Concord, he could leave for Parramatta, where he has friends. Nofoaluma spoke with Eels coach Brad Arthur in 2017 before electing to stay at the Tigers, where he wants to remain now — but only if the price is right.

Nofoaluma wants to play finals footy — and secure representative honours — and it’s understood he feels that could be more attainable at the Eels. In 139 NRL games for the Tigers, he has never played a final, a victim of the club’s nine-year top-eight drought.

One rival club recruitment manager said: “Nofoaluma is one of the best wingers in the game. You would have to give up $450,000 a season to get him.”

Wests have tabled a three-year deal but any possible gap between the offer and Nofoaluma’s expectations remain unknown.

Parramatta winger Blake Ferguson also comes off contact after next season.

Mansour has told those close to him that he is considering interest from Wests and Canterbury.

The Bulldogs are being patient with Mansour, believing they could sign him cheap by waiting until January — three months into the 2021 pay cycle — if the former Test winger cannot find a club.

Canterbury may though increase their interest in Mansour if the club misses out on Storm winger Josh Addo-Carr for 2022.

While contracted to Melbourne for 2021, Addo-Carr will return to Sydney the following year with South Sydney now emerging as the favourite to sign him.

Privately, Canterbury hope to nab Addo-Carr but the club isn’t incredibly confident.

There is a third, unknown, club which has also discussed Mansour, aged 30. The Bulldogs are also looking to strengthen the fullback and hooking position.

Nofoaluma scored 17 tries in 20 games this season and was unlucky to miss selection in the NSW State of Origin squad.

“I know with whatever decision I make, I can say I’ve given one hundred per cent every time I have stepped foot on the field for this club,” Nofoaluma said.

I thought we were talking $450k, so if not I wonder what we offered.

Be sad to see him go, but if that’s the case, it is what it is.

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@TigerSJ said in Ask the Boss ep1:

Since recruitment and retention are such issues of contention amongst fans, it would be nice to have an understanding of the process within the club and the roles that Pascoe, Madge, Hartigan etc all play in the process and how decisions are made.

It is on here somewhere.

If you google Adam Hartigan, look for a ESPN article (I think), and he explains it quite well.

Basically Madge gets a voice in the process, but not the final decision, it seems to me it is to cover for when a coach leaves and destroys our cap, this plan is a WT plan not he solely the coaches.

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Sick of hearing about JAC ,its like someone had their heart broken and won;t get over it,sob,sob’ HE was never going to come here,he is part of the Souths shooting team.

The brotherhood is much bigger than the NRL…JAC ,LM all know how to manipulate things for their own benefit…I said much earlier in this thread that he wanted to go to Souths,and my reasons are as follows…
1.commpassionate grounds the first step to get to Sydney…
2.talks with the Tigers a sign of him wanting to join us was just a ploy(he left here originally on bad terms)
3.Souths starting to move on players to make way for JAC but couldnt for season 2021(hence he said he could stay in Melb one more year.)so much for family compassion…
The people that were enveloped into the JAC rumour were played just as the club was by the manager of JAC…

This sounds plausible to me. But why the heads of agreement? That gets me

I’m thinking it was a fall back if Storm didn’t give a pay increase and let him go, maybe they wouldn’t have if they knew it was Souths?

It was only for 2021, he can then go to where ever he chooses in 2022 and beyond.

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@Spartan117 said in David Nofoaluma:

So happy to see Nofo front and centre if the COE Video

He is our most recognisable player and I would love to make sure he is a Tiger for life

How much money have you got, the club could make that happen for you:)

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@hammertime said in Ask the Boss ep1:

I don’t like it labelled as “The boss”. Culturally not great to put yourself above others. Should be “Ask Justin”.

But he is the boss and you would be thinking its pretty good to be able to ask “the Boss” questions.
They just seem to be trying to help ppl with what the club is doing, great idea & I don’t really care what its called.