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@willow Agree with you. Would say that it might seem a bit hard for the side that went so well v Knights and played their best game of the season. Shame for those that got dropped and not the result they would be expecting when turning up to training.

However, that’s footy and a lesson in some respects. Two ways to react - spit the dummy or come back harder.

We want the latter.

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I realise we need talent as well but with Madge as coach I wonder how we shape up in terms of fitness compared to the glamour clubs?

From my observations, these guys seem to be training the house down.

  • Lawrence;
  • Thompson;
  • Nofa;
  • Jennings (his frame looks much better this year);
  • Garner.

CC guys will also need to step up & put the hard yards in obviously.

How do we come up with the right programs in pre-season?

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@balmain-boy Hopefully we can sort out our cap issues so we can afford to send our JF team away games a bit earlier. I thought they might have travelled the day before in the past?

Is it common for them to get on a bus for 3 hours from 10am, get off, immediately warm up, play and then come straight back? Would the Raiders have done the same when they played us a few weeks back?

I realise it’s only Jersey Flegg but it seems a bit unprofessional to me. Was fine to do it at schoolboy level but shouldn’t they have a bit more time?

Regardless it’s no excuse but not an ideal prep. An away win like this would make it a special effort.

Happy to be shot down in flames if it’s the norm for most clubs.

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@balmain-boy I totally agree. I saw him play the first few Jersey Flegg games on the right edge at centre and he really created opportunities for those outside him who could then use their speed to score. I think centre is his best spot and if he has a speedy winger outside him like Nofa he is going to set up plenty of tries.

I’m excited about his future. We do however have to pick him in the right spot.

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@MacDougall said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Getting hot now so rather than making a thread for every random signing rumour let’s talk here about rumoured signings.

So far we have rumoured to have actually been signed.

Chris McQueen
Kurt Capewell
Ben Matulino
Taane Milne

Rumoured approaches but no claims of being signed.

Shaun Johnson
Bodene Thompson
Albert Vete
Gareth Widdop
Russell Packer

Any I am missing?

Like any potential employee with Latrell don’t we need to find out exactly what the problems were at the Roosters and why there seemed to be issues after the SOR?

Great player but there seem to be underlying issues that have to raise doubts that we should clear up before jumping in.

I’d love to see him here but would also like to know why he was unhappy at Easts or the same thing could happen @ Wests Tigers.

If it did, it would be a distracting and unhelpful environment and further delay chance of premiership success for a number of years.

I have seen so many times in business where a seemingly real ‘catch’ has been made only to find out that the other competitor couldn’t wait to get rid of them for various reasons so in effect no catch at all.

Players/coaches not seeing out contracts always raises a red flag in my books. Signing them up without finding out what really happened, their current circumstances or how they think would be a massive mistake.

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@fred I’m pretty sure you’ll find it’s not accurate at all. As for best attacking player, Cini would have to be right up there although it’s a bit hard to tell as the the ball very rarely gets past the centre of the ruck.

Yes our defence has been poor but our attack and players’ ability to play what’s in front of them needs some work. I certainly don’t think the coach would be ignoring it. He has a good track record and the experience which makes me question whether the players are thinking about what they are doing or have the right mindset.

Generally the play seems to be to hit it up one out on tackles 1-4 with the half or 5/8 predictably passing it back on the inside to a forward who tucks it under the arm and almost never looks to pass. Even if the player were to make a break, nobody will bother to follow because they know they probably won’t get it. This also means the defence has to commit less players to the tackle.

Then on the 5th tackle we might pass it out the back but then we let the ball die after one or two passes. Also, I can’t remember a player running to the line with the ball in 2 hands this season to create opportunities. If they have it would be very rare.

The odd time we have had the overlap even on tackles 4 & 5, there has been no vision to use the extra men and so we just do the same old same old and the defence regroups. I haven’t seen a cut out pass when the situation presents itself let alone a simple catch, draw and pass except when Tommy Talau was there. We certainly miss his offloading ability down the right hand side.

Just occasionally why can’t we send it wide on the 5th or 6th tackle with their wingers back even if it were to just put some doubt in their minds? Dillon and Cini have the pace to set the others up.

I do have faith we will improve in these areas as the season progresses. Unfortunately as they say “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

The season is slipping away so I hope the players develop and learn some of these skills. I’d rather see these young blokes have a go attacking even if it means dropping the odd game taking a risk.

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@MAGPIES1963 I don’t know why they don’t have some sort of sprint times on all grades so they can identify who needs help even though you either have speed or you don’t. If they were even to get an improvement of half a second that could mean a huge difference to the good players. Not sure how good that sprint coach Addo Carr uses but they swear by him.

Without the risk of doing hammies, they should have some sprints across the club in my opinion to get a fair idea of who is very quick and who isn’t when considering selections and player recruits. In terms of real speed in CC (other than by watching) I have not much idea nor in JF but in NRL Brooks sounds like he is super quick but how do the others compare (even MCK - how fast would he do for example?)

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@TheDaBoss There’s a lot more speed than a lot of people realise on our edges. Dillon is also back & not too shabby.

My take on reaching the 8 which could be wrong is that we need to win 2 out of the last 3. Pretty much have to get past Warriors and Dragons who play each other and we play Warriors in the last game after playing the Panthers this week and then Melbourne. Dragons & Warriors have a tough run home.

Every game crucial. I assume Burton will be out this weekend for the Panthers and he was basically the difference last time.

Question is which Tigers Jersey Flegg team will turn up this week?

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@pawsandclaws1 OK maybe my bad. I thought Nofa was pretty quick. Hard to find wingers these days then with genuine speed. If we do, Tommy will set them up.

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@tiger05premier Jersey Flegg player of the year and played CC. Second rower and workhorse.

Pretty sure he’s 20 next year like quite a few of the 2019 Jersey Flegg team.

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@TheDaBoss I think Kane definitely should be given a chance in the off season as when he went up to Cup he did manage to score quite a few tries but then it seemed to me he wasn’t given many opportunities and maybe this is where his confidence was lost.

He did look out of sorts when he came back to Jersey Flegg for the last game of the season but again as others have noted why wouldn’t we put kicks up for him given his size?

He’s got his first season out of the road now so let’s see how he goes when starting afresh. I’m not sure about his pace yet and he could end up closer to the ruck.

We seem to have a problem with the younger ones coming through in that we either have very big wingers who aren’t very mobile, or smaller ones that are extremely quick.

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@willow Yes he will be a very handy addition by the sounds of things. My only query will be whether we have too many of these types of players with the current crop backing up from last year. Dillon is a fullback so where would he fit in? I thought we might have had the back 3 fairly well covered (except for injuries of course) but I suspect it is good to have all this competition.