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Anyway have access to DT article saying we have 300k cap next year?

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Came across this article today about Braydon Guyan. Anyone know much about this young bloke?

A No 13 or prop who played rugby and league. In the Balmain juniors and seems a prospect.

Love his palm first approach

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Need a decent forward pack

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Even ikin said to him he is out of form and should retire.

Wonder who they have in mind I was watching sg ball there is a few good players there the 6 looks a very special player

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Wests Tigers skipper Moses Mbye could become the first major casualty of the club’s stuttering season, with the Gold Coast Titans expressing interest in the Queensland Origin representative for next year.

Sources with knowledge of negotiations told the Herald the Tigers would be willing to pay up to half the 26-year-old’s $800,000 salary for the next two years should the Titans open formal discussions.

The move could free up money for the Tigers to have a crack at keeping hooker Harry Grant beyond this season. If Cameron Smith decides to play on at Melbourne, it would trigger a free agency clause in Grant’s contract with the Storm.

The Tigers are trying to free up space in their roster, shopping Josh Reynolds to the Super League in recent weeks.

The Titans, who are trying to build something special under new coach Justin Holbrook, have secured the services of Brisbane’s David Fifita, Melbourne’s Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and Newcastle’s Herman Ese’ese from next season. Gold Coast sources confirmed Mbye has been discussed as a potential five-eighth or hooker, with Nathan Peats off contract at the end of the year.

With pressure mounting on coach Michael Maguire to end the club’s nine-year finals drought, cracks are beginning to appear at the Tigers as question marks surface over his coaching methods and relationship with the players.

Maguire wants to instil a harder edge to a team he believes has become accustomed to mediocrity, and is trying to clear the decks and create salary-cap space to bring in players capable of handling his philosophy. Maguire even tried to lighten the mood at training this week after senior players told him the fun had gone out of their preparation.

The other benefit of releasing Mbye from the final two years of his deal is it provides the Tigers with money at the ready in case Brandon Smith looks to leave the Storm as a result of Harry Grant returning in the off-season.

“I don’t know how it would make me feel,” Smith told Inside the NRL last month when asked of the possibility of Grant returning to the Storm as their long term No.9.

"It’s obviously a tough decision that I’d have to make with the Melbourne Storm. We’ll have to wait for that challenge to come. Obviously it’s a really tough question for me to answer but we’ll have to tackle that challenge when it comes.

“I definitely want to be a No.9. It’s very tough for me to answer that at the moment. I’m just trying to focus on this year and don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I definitely want to play No.9. Whatever happens happens.”

Maguire made Mbye captain when he joined the club in 2019, but has since added Benji Marshall as co-captain. Mbye joined the Tigers from the Bulldogs midway through 2018 and has been used in multiple positions, but hasn’t managed to land a permanent spot due to his versatility.

Mbye, who has three young children, is from Queensland and still has family in Noosa, making the move even more attractive should it eventuate in the coming weeks.

How can stories like this be good for us atm. Im no fan of Mybe but I hate reading stuff like this before a game. True or not true it cant be good for any teams headspace.
The media is systematically ruining the integrity of the game -printing stories to stir fans up speculating when their coach will be sacked and which players will possibly be wearing your colours next week and we all feed of it desperate for any information - damaging or not.
“Sources with knowledge told the Herald” - not a name of anyone insight.

Seasons over bud

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Wouldn’t get too excited

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Kyle Flanagan on the outer at the chooks again?..reserve for reserves this week again…
Maybe we should entice him over next year…he kicks goals too!

  1. Adam Doueihi

  2. David Nofoaluma

  3. Tommy Talau

  4. Joseph Leilua

  5. AJ…

  6. Luke Brooks

  7. Kyle Flanagan

  8. Josh Aloiai

  9. Harry Grant

  10. Alex Twal

  11. Luke Garner

  12. Leci Leilua

  13. Shawn Blore

  14. Moses Mbye

  15. Thomas Mikaele

  16. Zane Musgrove

  17. Chris Lawrence

Swap Stefano Utoikamanu for Lawrence

Would love Kyle he is a winner but he would never come here

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I’d have Benji back easily. I don’t know why there’s so much dislike for him. You blame the Newcastle game on him? Give teams time and space and the halves of any defensive team will be exposed defensively, especially paired with Leiluia out wide. Benji is our most creative player and our best kicker and he’s not on a big contract, what’s the problem? As soon as you get someone better you can drop him, but we don’t have anyone better and we SHOULD sign him again if he’d be willing. You guys need to think more pragmatically: he’s a good value squad contract who also happens to be our best half, and is one of the best in the league on his day. Don’t worry about the fact it’s Benji, you’re signing him on backup money.

Did you watch last weeks game?

He has gone backwards big time long way from where he was for Brisbane.

His short kicking game was a joke and all it done was gave his team mate a massive injury.

Needs to give it up

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Marshall should be ashamed of him self last week was. Disgraceful

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Maybe Blore has been dropped because of his social media post? It’s the only thing I can think of

Crossed my mind too, but a bit much if so…

He done nothing past couple of weeks