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Put it this way,

I’d rather be a Tigers fan than a Warriors, Dragons, Knights, Titans, Broncos or Panthers fan. These are teams who have squads assembled to make top 4s and win premierships now but are in turmoil and can’t even make the 8. We at least have answers, we know what needs to be done to improve. They have no idea and need reviews and answers. For that I give us a pass mark.

Our problem as a club is that every time we put ourselves in a position to move forward and do something positive, we undergo drastic change with a new coach and it all turns to a rabble again.

I know the last time wasn’t the club’s fault and Cleary dogged it hard but we need some stability now under Madge. Let him fix Cleary’s mess and hopefully he can do it sooner rather than later because I don’t know how much more this fan base can handle.

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Am I missing something ?
Is Jennings really that bad ?

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After the heartbreak and let down of today, I need something to look forward to ASAP

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I think 2019 has been a pass for our club. We have a lot of things we need to sort out in the offseason (packer, matulino, reynolds, marshall, lawerence) but I can see us really improving in 2020.

The emergence of Momorovski, Garner, Mikaele and Clark is a real positive and a step in the right direction. Another off season under these players belts and hopefully a signing or two (if we can move on Matulino and Packer) and I think we aren’t that far off next season.

My team:

  1. Thompson

  2. Nofoaluma

  3. Momorovski

  4. Marsters

  5. Jennings

  6. Marshall

  7. Brooks

  8. Twal

  9. Reynolds

  10. Clark

  11. Lawerence

  12. Garner

  13. Matterson

  14. Mbye

  15. Aiolai

  16. Mikaele

  17. Taylor

We’re really lacking one or two out and out middle forwards. If we can’t sign one for next season we really need to target a Jai Arrow or the like for 2021 to put us in a solid position.