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We looked flat. Maybe playing Parramatta the week before had something to do with it. The last game we looked as flat as that was against Souths having played Penrith the week before.

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@Spud_Murphy said in Round 12 *SPOILERS*:

@Furious1 said in Round 12 *SPOILERS*:

Must be nice to have a kicker that gets them from anywhere. They only go up in sixes the sharks.

It’s funny, they were the team who last year were the worst at goal kicking. Neither Johnson nor Townsend could buy a goal. One year on and Johnson is potting them from everywhere. It takes practice and a willingness to fix the problem. I don’t know what our blokes do at training.

Obviously not gold kicking practice.

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Very few positives in that I will say Blore again showed the ability to hit and stick.

As for the negatives:

  • There is a reason that Walters has not played much NRL, he is not up to it
  • Garner’s defence is not up to first grade standard
  • Mikaele has gone backwards. He is plodding this year.
  • Mbye adds little
  • Soft underbelly still there

Yeah what has happened to Mikaele
Lacks energy that’s for sure.
Mbye has to go,adds almost nothing.

Lawrence and Joey in the centres

I’d stop hiding him in centre’s half or full back for me.

Who else was he going to put there at the time?

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@Sart0ri said in Reality check:

At the start of each half we have decoy runners, Grants passes the ball wide of the ruck for some hit ups and there are players in motion, as soon as something goes wrong or they get tired the revert to running one out and bombing on the last.
This is only one of many problems but it looks like there is a game plan , it just falls apart under pressure.

Grant was taking 2 or 3 steps before passing to forwards who had to slow down to avoid a forward pass. When Farah did it everybody complained. Harry is getting very predictable and looking for a gap on every play. If it is not there he is passing to a forward who gets smashed. He needs to pass immediately and pick his time to run but certainly not on every occasion.

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@Harvey said in Our Spine:

I think young Harry has been reading too much of his own publicity. Overplayed his hand tonight and badly stifled our attack.

Was reminiscent of Farah at his grandest

Yes. He was taking several steps before he would pass to a forward who would then get smashed. Very mundane from Harry tonight.

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@tigger said in Telstra:

I’ve got to get away from Telstra.

I pay my account by direct debit to my credit card. Nothing has changed and the credit card is two years away from expiry but all of a sudden my direct debit is failing. Only Telstra - no other direct debits. And you can’t email them or talk to them. It used to be difficult to find a way to talk to Telstra but they seem to have upgraded their systems to now make it impossible.

The only reason I deal with them is because I have a home phone/internet/foxtel bundle.
The home phone I don’t care about. We can use our mobiles. the only calls we got on it are scammers.
The internet I can get anywhere pretty much.
But foxtel… the only thing I watch on it is rugby league. I know there are alternatives but I see posts on here of people mid-game saying that this or that platform has gone down. I don’t want that.

Is there a reliable alternative that will allow me to watch every game?

Maybe you should post this on the Whirlpool Forum?

Thanks mate. I’m a 68 year old technological neanderthal. I had to google that to see what it is. Yeah, you’re probably right but this also happened a few years ago (when you could find someone to talk to) and it went on for ages and took months to fix.

This time I think I’ll just vote with my feet.

You are not the only Neanderthal on here. I also have the same plans as you. My biggest problem is I cant get catch up in both rooms, and often cant get it in either. The only way to get it for a short while is to disconnect the box and then reconnect. Find it very hard to talk to anybody and the problem is not covered by their automated systems. I pay a fortune for the lot.

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AD could fall into the same boat as Esan, cant quiet nail fullback centre or five eigth.
Esan had that one good year

Still struggling to get all the hate for AD. I think with a touch more speed he’s got what it takes. Plenty of other noffies in the team to hang 💩 on.

He’s 21 barely played 10 games at fullback and has had one poor game. Let’s not throw him in the same boat as Marsters he’s got talent and he’s a hard worker

My concern with him apart from his lack of speed is his courage. Those two poor misses vs the eels showed he was well scared to me. Don’t get me wrong, I hope he can be great for us.

Dont agree he lacks courage, just poor positional play. Where is Brett Hodgson?

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@jrtiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

the amount of backs Souths are going to have next year is ridiculous. Madge and Hartigan would have to be having a look. wouldn’t mind Graham, Burns or even Gebbie if he’s around, have heard nothing about him in ages.

Latrell might loose his fullback spot. Another player to be cast aside.

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@hobbo1 said in Wests Tigers Team v Warriors Rd 12:

@Toowoomba_Tiger said in Wests Tigers Team v Warriors Rd 12:

I would be throwing Brooks into dummy half when Harry comes off. Perfect opportunity atm to see how he handles it. New rules could really suit him late in the game.
He plays best running the ball and playing whats in front of him. He’s no good at preempting and setting up plays.
Would be an experiment worth a go imo

What side has a halfback on the bench 🙄

Got to get more out of the number 14 no matter who it is. If we just had a forward that could play centre then we could always have four forwards on the bench.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Packer:

I think the packer suspension is an interesting one. Seems like he got done for intent more than anything, he fell In a bad way but he barely even touched Guthos head

Packer has a bad reputation with the refs and i think they watch his actions more closer than others, he did drop his weight in the tackle but unsure if really a crusher, and i do see other players do similar but not even a penalty.
His aggression is great, motor is good also which i was surprised about considering time out of the game.
Really want to see him and JWH at it in a few weeks if stays on the field.
That hit on Matterson was fantastic viewing, and loved the verbal spray afterwards, however i think it woke up the eels they were for a contest.

A lot of us dont think it was a crusher tackle. Looked bad initially, but a closer look showed it to be otherwise. Front on looked less like a crusher also. As Josh said, more intent. If it really was a crusher, he would have got a whole lot more than 1 week. Media beat up.