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Yeah, I hope we are in talks with AJ too

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Haven’t heard or seen much of him myself until today. Got to say i was impressed.
A little concerning he hasnt grown up with the game and the mention of mergers was a worry for us Tigers fans but he seems a straight shooter, heart on his sleeve type.

Just hope he plays a straight bat and doesn’t get funky with innovations but i think he’ll do the right thing financially and stop blowing cash.

One thing i haven’t determined yet is how he reacts to political correctness. This was Greenburgs blight on Rugby League. Changed the game as we know it.

Best of luck to him, tough gig. Hopefully Vlandy’s sticks around to guide him.

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@Cairnstigers said in JAC:

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So Bellamy wants Tommy Talu in return…”get stuffed”…take Jennings or nothing…

Addo carr plays right wing at Melbourne
A trade for Nofoaluma could work
It would probably still leave us with enough money for Stains as well
They both want fullback, they can fight it out with each other
Winner gets the fullback spot
The other gets the wing spot
Fail at fullback and go back to the wing

Why are we trading?

Why would we trade a player who has scored more tries this year than JAC?

What’s that old saying
Defence wins matches
You can score 20 tries in a season
But if you let 30 in what’s the point
David Nofoaluma has played well in attack this year
But its his defence that constantly lets him down
You can blame his inside men but in my eyes he appears to come in off his wing way to much
And he rarely contests the ball on a kick
Its frustrating to watch

Man these comments frustrate me. It happens to every winger in the Nrl. Its Rugby League 101. Stack 1 side in attack and catch the defence with an overlap. Inevitably the winger gets caught coming in.

Blokes have been burning their opposite wingers down the flank for 100 years. Pretty sure most tries are still scored close to the corner. No doubt there are times he could stay out wider, but seriously have a look at every other team and winger. He’s not on his post malone

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Mbye at fullback. Please never again. He is hopeless there.

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We were out muscled in the middle. We really missed an Eiso or Packer. Brooks on the bench gives us nothing. I can see what Madge is trying to do there in reviewing Brooks, but it leaves us skinny in the middle.

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Playing Brooks from the bench is not ideal, I’m confident Madge knows this as well as all us fans. But its a necessary evil in the overall process of assessing Brooks at current

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Pretty clear Madge thinks he’s not fulfilling his role at 7. He’s obviously going to say Brooks is the long-term 7. He’s contracted to the club and McGuire ain’t gonna whack brook’s confidence saying otherwise. He’s just put him on notice and will be waiting and seeing. Hopefully toying with options.
Good call. In Madge I trust.

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Come to the realisation this year that he struggles with foresight. He can’t plan a play ahead like the great halfbacks. Gets his timing all wrong and the plays looks forced.

Seems to overthink or doubt himself at the clutch play, clutch moments. He makes a simple grubber look like a heavy burden.

Still a very capable halfback but I’m resigned to the understanding he is unlikely to ever overcome this aspect of his role.

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I would be throwing Brooks into dummy half when Harry comes off. Perfect opportunity atm to see how he handles it. New rules could really suit him late in the game.
He plays best running the ball and playing whats in front of him. He’s no good at preempting and setting up plays.
Would be an experiment worth a go imo