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Why is Shawn Blore pictured in the Team section of the Tigers web-site wearing a Panthers jersey?? Surely he has been signed long enough now to be pictured in a Tigers jersey!!

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Can’t wait to next that Sam Burgess will be playing in the Super League as well!!

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@jadtiger said in What song are you listening to right now?:

@Fade-To-Black said in What song are you listening to right now?:

@jadtiger said in What song are you listening to right now?:

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After reading happy’s posts

Hello …is there anybody in there…

Who would have have thought that the worlds most inspiring guitar solo would have come from licking toads

LSD= Licking Swamp Dwellers.
That solo would definitely be in the top 3 of all time IMO. A few years ago went and saw Roger Waters perform “The Wall” album in its entirety, complete with all the movies’ imagery projected onto a wall that was gradually built on stage throughout the performance. When it came time for the solo for Comfortably Numb the amps were noticeably turned up massively…the sound just left you slack-jawed, it was incredible.

I have so many versions of Comfortably Numb nearly all of them live and i think the version on Pulse is the best just ahead of Live in Gdansk.Gilmour is one of the best guitarists i have heard.

If you like guitarists, try listening to Duane Allman playing on You Don’t Love Me live at the Fillmore East, go to

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Good read. I know it is slightly off topic but having just recently watched the 2005 grand final again it got me thinking (which is something I try to avoid) of how many, if any (of course excepting Benji) of our current squad would make the grand final 17. I am a huge Twal fan but even he might struggle to make the squad, if we currently had an outstanding winger then maybe Fitzhenry’s position might be up for grabs but otherwise our current squad doesn’t really threaten any of the 17 in that great grand final squad.

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rare but distinctive