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If this is a new video what is she doing in what appears to be his house when I thought she had an AVO out on him.

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When is he back in court?

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‘You f***ing piece of s***’: Distressing Josh Reynolds footage emerges

Distressing footage has emerged of NRL star Josh Reynolds verbally abusing a woman.

The Wests Tigers playmaker can be seen screaming obscene abuse at the woman, who’s filming the incident on her phone, calling her a “c***” and a “dog”.

He also tells her to “get out of my house”.

The vision, obtained by foxsports.com.au, runs for 37 seconds and is being shared widely.

“Give me my phone, where the f*** is it?” he demands. The woman then sniffs and says “I don’t even know, Josh.”

Reynolds continues: “Get out of my house. I want you out now. I want you out now or I’m going to f***ing flip it. I swear to go I’m going to flip it,” he says pointing and shirtless.

“Why, what did I do?” the woman responds.
Reynolds then says, pointing at the camera before moving his arm towards the camera: “You f***ing stormed into me like I’m a f***ing convict you f***ing piece of s***.

“F***ing dog. Why the f*** would I do s*** like that? Why why why?”

The woman says “are you serious” before Reynolds continues.

“You scared the f*** out of me, you scared me… you walked in? You f***ing barged in you lying c***’.

“Oh, wowee,” the woman responds before the video ends with Reynolds asking: “are you serious?”

Fox Sports has approached the NRL for comment.

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Joined both thanks mate

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Would be quicker to list the clubs AJ is not going to sign with for 2020.

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finally the WTF signing

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is Doueihi a goal kicker?