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It’s amusing no one brings up Bellamy, Stuart, Paul Green, Brad Arthur who are as hard line or more so than Madge. Madge gets unfair coverage for blow ups. He never lost it after the Panthers and Eels losses. He rightfully lost it after Gold Coast and Warriors losses.

He knows some are not serious about winning. He’s setting a standard for the players he wants to keep. He already knows who needs to go.
If we play like we did against the Eels and Panthers every game there will be no issue. The problem is we win after he loses it and change the squad which is a bad sign.

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Seriously can someone please just bloody rig it so that Maguire can go on a ridiculous spending spree and get away with it?!
I honestly don’t care if in three years time we get found out for deception and get points docked - even retrospectively!!
Just for Chrissakes get some decent players and a bloody kicker Madge!!!

Argh ive taken angry pills tonight. Sorry!!!

Remember that time we signed Mbye and thought we were moving up in the recruitment world.

Ha! That’s funny cos Yes I do!
What the hell happened to Mbye?
He actually was not actually this bad before!

I don’t think anyone knew Mbye was on massive dollars though. For the right price he’s a good signing, was going well for bulldogs at fullback, started well for us there then start of 2019 he couldn’t catch a ball. The rest of his game at fullback is quite good

You must be watching different games to me. Mbye has been the same for the last 6 years. I watch plenty of dogs games he was the same inconsistent, occasional blinder but poor defence and lax attitude I know Dogs were cheering to let him go to us. It was a panic buy as was Packer, Matulino, Reynolds. He was always at best a utility as at the Dogs James Graham did the ball playing.

We’re stuck with the player and the deal best case is bench utility or gone.

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Big yes for Widdop over Foran. Big fan of Foran but his injuries are a real worry. And Widdop can kick!

Widdop has to come back to STG it was part of his release. Mary’s days are numbered he isn’t coming back to play under the same coach.

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If we don’t make the finals this year and Madge fails in the first 6 rounds next year, he will be gone anyway. It’s nice to hear Madge continuously repeat over and over at the presser’s how we are building something special and making us feel warm and fuzzy inside. The reality is, by round 6 next year, he will be shown the door. Don’t be fooled by Hagipantelis talking up extension contracts,thats just pumping up his tyres so he can do something with the current bunch of misfits (excluding our young up- and- comers)we have.

Let’s move on to our 6th coach in the last 10 years that strategy has been a master stoke.

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Is Corey Norman a player we could use? Seem to have problems at the Eels and has not cementedca spot at Dragons? 200 NRL games and can goal kick as well. Plays full back and in the
Halves. Will be 30 when next season starts.

Not under any circumstances.

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West’s Tigers seem to be asleep at the wheel. You don’t let a premiership winning coach who is doing a solid job with an average roster get past mid season without an extension. Every coach has to consider their future a year out as there are only so many jobs.

You don’t let good players hit the final year of their deals. You sign rookies on longer deals so that they are not peaking when they come off contract.

McIntyre is a perfect example the more games he plays the more he will cost the Tigers. Aloai, Blore, Mikalele, Nofa need to be signed before November deadline.

It’s all good creating cap space and signing players but we have to make sure we keep the good ones. The team has to be built around Aloai, Twal, Blore, Mikalele, Talau, Luciano, Nofa, Douhiei, Garner and supplemented with recruits. No point signing players and losing the ones we want to keep including the coach.

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Mbye had to be dropped. I like what Madge is doing but you can’t put up with poor form from your captain.

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There will be half a dozen fringe Panthers available at seasons end as contracts are upgraded. This could include Burton, Staines, Laurie and Aeikins as all have been shopped around, contract or no contract. I don’t know if the Tigers have shown an interest in any but the Panthers definitely need to save some salary cap.

Burton and Staines would be real good pick ups, a swap for Benji and Jennings for most likely less money, youth and speed, make it happen

I would be weary about jumping the gun on Staines, yeah he’s scored 6 tries in 2 games but atleast 4 of those tries I reckon even Jennings could have scored

Agree on Burton though 100% he plays like a seasoned playmaker in only 3 odd games

Staines is a fullback with lightning speed who is playing on the wing. He is confident and from all reports backs himself to succeed, a country boy, not a great risk in my opinion

Not a chance Staines is not signed by Panthers also think Burton stays he looks like a ball playing lock. Dean Blore and Diane Laurie are the ones I’d look at third in line.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Do we extend Madge now?:

Just me but a comment in the article seemed to suggest an applicant was interested in the WTs role hence the rumour of a move to Nth Qld.

Payten timing is odd

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A poster on the Illawara site advised Saab to WTs, Sailor has rejected a 2 year deal, Aitken will not be re-signed and both Sims bros want out. Sims bros news is a shock as both are Illawarra juniors.

Saab is a development prospect he’s 19. One of the highest rated juniors in the last few years. He’s a full year away from NRL standard but could be lethal with height and extreme speed. Problem with really tall kids is it takes time to get acceleration and core body strength. Tupou from the roosters is the perfect example .