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I didnt watch it but if we played with 14 for 40 mins, then im not all that unhappy with the result.

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Jennings has concrete boots, honestly

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I was a staunch defender of Taylor, but his operative to RIchards to CEASE doing these style contested kickoffs because it potentially gave up 10 or 20 metres on the kickoff was the most BRAIN DEAD coaching decision I think I’ve ever seen. Creating even a 20% chance of retaining the ball over the course of a game might result in possession being retained possibly twice a game?

To be honest, Patty’s kicks created a 50/50 chance most times they were executed properly.

Well, maybe not the most brain dead - although it’s up there with Kyle Lovett in the centres…

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MCK with a clutch 360 no-scope from outside the storm to win it deep into stoppage time.

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6 through 12 are very good - very dangerous.

The rest are terrible.

Not as bad as I thought they’d put up considering they have injuries.

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Can we add “raging narcissist” to his list of character traits?

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Ive taken a couple of liberties, but I think it’s still fairly legit.

  1. Matt Moylan

  2. Darius Boyd

  3. Latrell Mitchell

  4. Krishan Inu

  5. Blake Fergusson

  6. Mitchell Moses

  7. Clint Gutherson

  8. Shannon Boyd

  9. Cam Smith

  10. Andrew Fifita

  11. Josh Macguire

  12. Beau Scott

  13. Paul Gallen.

  14. Sam Burgess

  15. George Burgess

  16. Tom Burgess

  17. Luke B… nah he’was a good guy… lets go Matt Lodge.

Coach - Ivan Cleary (Who else?)

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@GNR4LIFE said in Fallen Soldiers:

@happy_tiger said in Fallen Soldiers:

Tigers4ever was an interesting one as well …picked a few blues with posters to meet him at Leichhardt …GNR may have been one …Ink and him had some doozies blues as well

He wanted to meet me at a game. So did Foreveratiger.

Foeveratiger and I caught up for a Tigers/Titans game when I moved up to the Goldy - was an absolute gentleman and a scholar - used to run the tipping If I remember rightly, however I think the stress of the tipping and people constantly whinging at the system he used might have gotten the better of him, as I haven’t seen him on here for ages… well, not in the “Foreveratiger” moniker at least.

Bonstonkers and his videos are sadly missed, but I think he was tipped over the edge by the whole Jason Taylor/Mick Potter Debarcle. It was about that time he pretty much took his bat and ball and went home I think…

Some brilliant videos are still floating around out there - his youtube clips are often plagarized.

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Just keep turning up Guys… thats the key - and yes, many kudos to @Demps for keeping everyone on their toes here.

It’s moments like this that crop up in your facebook feed that remind you of where you came from - and this was a photo I used to be somewhat happy with - Underdog, youngest puppette, and Mrs Underdog from 2 years ago… 27709586_10157101530721632_57251295159120099_o.jpg

Then on a day where your’re feeling down on yourself, flat, fat, out of energy, you need to look at stuff like this from a week ago from my local ParkRun, or out with the young lad -
83145832_10159312854771632_2098937349185470464_o.jpg 82875862_10159310461361632_5712332617081159680_o.jpg

And you realise - holy S**T, I’ve made significant changes.

So Lads, particulary the older guys here who are doubting themselves - JUST KEEP GOING.


Make sure you document your journey - one of my largest regrets is actually not taking enough photos at the start of the journey.

You’ve all got this boys - you’ve been through worse… we are Tigers supporters after all… 😄

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maybe it will be aiken and JL in centres with jennings and momo on the wings
maybe Nofo at fullback as someone said earlier as he was training there

Where does Mbye fit in though? Captain of the club will have to be in there somewhere. Mbye is a decent fullback if he can get his problems under the high ball sorted.

M’Bye supposedly going to be our 1st choice Hooker for Round 1.