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Looks like he’s not scared to hit the line.

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@Newtown said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

If Mitchell himself hasn’t a clue which club he is going I don’t understand how anyone else would possibly know which club he is actually going to.

Good assessment.

I suspect a lot of the to-ing and fro-ing is because the kid is still trying to work out what he wants to do. It’s a big decision for a young bloke and I’m sure he has plenty of voices in his ear telling him what to do - and not all of those voices will have his best interests at heart.

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@Kul said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Right. That took a while to clean up!

Appreciate your work Kul, as always.

I’m sure things will be much more jolly once LM, JAC or even AJ sign.

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I didn’t see a lot wrong with the previous post from either of you (except perhaps the c bomb in the text). Seems everyone’s on tenderhooks over signings and this late at night near Xmas perhaps a couple of ales are at play.

It’s Xmas folks, a time for peace and good will my Tiger brothers. Be cool.

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@willow said in Wests Tigers sign Zane Musgrove till 2021:

He’ll do penance with the club with plenty of community work.

Agree. I’m sure he will and as he’s yet to do a press conference it’s a bit early for others to suggest he won’t offer some sort of remorse.

I’d clearly prefer there to be no issue but I’m happy enough with the signing. Zane and Lucy will add some starch that we’ve been missing. Hopefully Packer leads by example - both on and off the field - and this helps young Zane gain some fan redemption.

Given the past 12 months, I’d hope he understands he owes us a bit.

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@Masterton said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

“The board yesterday morning instructed management to explore options for Storm to provide Josh with an early release from his playing contract, on compassionate grounds, at the end of the 2020 season,” Donaghy wrote.

"To achieve this, Storm would be seeking fair value for Josh in return by way of a combination of the following: transfer fee; player swap, with the player being of commensurate standing [and/or] salary cap relief for doing the right thing by the player, and providing some extra support for Josh, not dissimilar to the recent scenario in the AFL with Tim Kelly at the [Geelong] Cats.

It’s probably just posturing by the Storm to their members but it still seems he’ll be there in 2020.

It does however raise the question of why it would be considered a compassionate release in 2021 but not 2020?

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@dazza65 said in Josh Reynolds Charged:

Always two sides to every story…let the process play out

^ This. Let’s not forget when Hazem El Masri had a similar charge against him and it turned out to be a slightly unbalanced individual trying to make trouble by distorting the facts.

Best left alone until it’s been heard in court. I very much hope it’s nothing but we’ll have to wait and see.

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For those interested in fasting this is worth a look:

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I don’t follow the logic of delaying negotiations.

It’s not in Latrell’s interest to drag it out as the Roosters would only be paying him based on his existing contract for 2020 - suggested to be around $450-500k. The longer he takes the more he loses.