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I’d be interested to hear an honest answer from Brooks on who he thinks he is best partnered with in the halves. Maybe extend it to hear who should be fullback as well. The only person who can ask is Madge and I’d be curious to hear what he says.

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I have to give it to Dufty, has really turned his season around in an average side. He looks dangerous whenever he’s running the ball. Was dudded badly by the bunker.

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The gushing over Smith on Nine is nauseating - they’ll need a box of tissues soon.

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@Geo said in NRL Round 11 *spoilers*:

Meh we already had 38 on the board…

And 0 against

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I must confess to a healthy dose of schadenfreude watching Seibold in the box.

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@Geo said in Your side v the Wobblers:

Grant is fantastic but 80mins is taking it’s toll …he was much better when he had a rest against Souff’s and came back on…

I wonder if there’s any merit in having Harry on the bench. Start with Walters (or Brooks) at 9 and hopefully have a strong start. If we’re going well, just leave Harry rugged up on the sideline or give him 15 minutes to give someone a rest.

If we’re struggling or get behind, bring him on for a bit of a spark.

Fullback is interesting. I suspect AD has a few niggles with his knee but it probably won’t be a major issue if we turn up against the Warriors. I also don’t mind Mbye at the back and Doueihi in the centres. If the Roosters guy arrives maybe a wing spot (where he won’t need massive training to get up to speed), move Talau into the centres and give AD a week off.

I also wouldn’t rule out playing Nofo at either centre or FB. He played juniors at FB and has filled in well.

It’s fantastic seeing these young blokes blossom but we have to be mindful it will be a big grind for them - especially the guys who haven’t played for 12 months.

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The best part of this is he’s feels like it’s a family. Seems like a down to earth young bloke, good on him.

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The club should hire a Judo coach to sort out the players that back into the defence.

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@Lauren said in **live game feed** vs the Eels:

You think his defence is great??

Please point out where I said it was.

I’m simply stating that just because a try is scored on the wing doesn’t automatically make it the winger’s fault. Please explain what he should do when there is a 3 on 2 in front of him?

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Two things concern me about tonight’s game.

  1. The RCG try up the middle, very reminiscent of the one against Souths(?) where MCK and Eiso got tangled. Both were very costly, it really changed the momentum tonight.

  2. My concerns about Doueihi at fullback remain. His positioning is still questionable and his reluctance to attack the high ball is concerning. His (apparent) lack of pace is also worrying. The attempt on RCG was not good and both the ‘shoulder charge’ tackles were ineffective. I’m not sold and Madge seemed unhappy about it in the press conference.