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@Cultured Bogan:

Good luck to him. I’m glad he has moved on and I am not petty enough to do anything other than wish him the best.

Well said CB. Pity all the 2 year olds on here couldn’t just do the same.

Nope not me.


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Go Dene! The way you’ve conducted yourself throughout your career is nothing short of outstanding. So happy you came here to finish your time in league.

Your last year [this year] has been amazing. You will go down in Wests Tigers folklore as a legend of the club. A guy who played the best game of his life in one of the most important games of his life; a man who stepped aside in the best interests of the club.

Will never forget your service!

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McGuire is a class A flog. Good job, other guy.

Still remember when Mitch Allgood clothes-lined Peter Wallace. He stuck his hands up, immediately apologising, looking full of remorse, and McGuire runs over and starts laying into him.

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@goldcoast tiger:

I can’t believe that one of the Penrith players copped a whack across the face by the first player in the tackle , then. copped another, exactly the same way by the second player into the tackle . Got up bleeding and was told to play the ball, not even a penalty.
I think it was Zelniac

Another fine example of referees who have lost the ability to use common sense, instead use a technical rule brainwashed into them that if the bunker does not deem it to be a reportable offense that they wash their hands of it. What is even sadder is Tony Archer actually thinks he and his team are doing a good job!

I recall an incident earlier in the year in which a player had blood streaming down his face and he was down for a bit. They had time to look at the replays, and the result - “you’re gonna have to play the ball.”

The player said, “How else do ya think the blood got there? I’ve just been whacked across the face.”

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Warriors had a top 4 quality roster this year and they absolutely sucked. Kearney ain’t gonna change anything.

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most rigged game of the year

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NRL doing their best to get the Broncs to the next round

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This story is 100% true, even if it is not. I believe all anti-Farah press. There’s no reason it’s not true. We all know Robbie Farah is one of the least liked men in the NRL, therefore there is no chance of disproving the allegations. Sorry, facts.

Unfortunately, a huge majority of this club, a lot of which use the Wests Tigers official Facebook page, are as clueless as Donald Trump supporters over in Yankville.

Anywho, enjoy the off season everyone. May your god (Farah for some of you) be with you.

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I hope they never get rid of it altogether. Check out the dogs @ Belmore. Fans come in droves to come down to the old suburban park. I understand things are different now, and money talks, but at least we need to keep 2-3 games/year at LO.