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@crazycat said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

@weststigers Yes, but Brooks was wisely upgraded to 700-800k.

That aside I take your point. Benji and Robbie were loyal to our club. Hey they had faults as players but they had taken unders and rejected bigger offers…
Also Chris Heighington knocked back Wayne Bennett at the Dragons because he felt Sheens was the better Coach.

^ which points to one thing. Sheens Got Culture. Sheens demise was that he did not buffer the players enough while removing Chris Heighington and Beau Ryan (with some very poor trades). Leading to the players wanting him removed, uada yada yada… My point is Sheens Got Culture. He developed a culture where players were playing for Unders and wanted to stay with the Tigers. Heck Manly mastered this.

Let’s not look too far. The best employees want to work at the best companies, with the most money and the best conditions.

As players, I don’t think they’d be any different.

The question is, what are we, as a club, doing about it?

Personally, I think we’ve identified the reasons/excuses that are given about why players don’t want to come to the club. We’re now moving towards something better, but it takes time. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed that will hopefully push us towards being a club that players want to play for:

1. Centre of Excellence
Training facilities are important and we’ll be up there with the best teams in that regard. Once this is built, facilities won’t be a reason we don’t sign good players.

2. Unification of the club
Now that Wests Ashfield have taken over (ex-Balmain here), this will mean the boardroom bickering will cease. Decisions can be made without having to worry about the Balmain/Wests hardheads getting in the way of good decisions for the Wests Tigers.

3. Profitable Leagues Club
Wests Ashfield and Balmain Leagues Club at Sydney Markets are profitable. Money isn’t an issue for us and if the Rozelle site goes through, we’ll have a unified WESTS TIGERS leagues club in the heart of Sydney. That’s 3 leagues clubs feeding the the club and gives us a solid financial position into the future.

4. Quality Coach
He may not be to everyone’s taste, but he’s not some Johnny come lately reserve grade coach trying to make a name for himself and using our team as a lab experiment.

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How good is this bloke!

People don’t always make the step up from reserves, but he is a menace on that left edge.

we’ve been missing some line breaking ability from our forwards in recent years and it’s good to see him busting tackles each week!

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@Geo said in David Fifita:

Wests Tigers should buy him to complement Latrell Mitchell at Fullback

What do you think

For sure…but why stop there? Just get Payne Haas, Arrow and lure Tedesco back as a backup fullback for Latrell…

We MUST do this NOW or our management has no clue what they’re doing!

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Have been given mail from a contact who is close to the action and whose mail is spot on 99% of the time…

Mitchell to Tigers…it’s done

He said he was told today…would make sense if true as training starts Monday!! Wishful thinking perhaps?

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Don’t understand the love for Drinkwater…he will hardly be a strike player for us.

Milford at FB would be my pick from the current pool of players.

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Let’s not argue ladies and gents.

Whatever your personal beliefs are about where the weight of blame needs to lie or how much meat you should eat each week are now irrelevant.

Although my business revenue has gone to exactly $0, I’ve just finished 4 full days of contacting all my clients to see how they are doing and to assist them in arranging payment plans with banks if required. All in all, I’ve spoken to about 200 business owners in varying industries.

For the record, I mainly work with SME’s. Here’s the wrap.

  1. All reporting turnover has decreased anywhere from 50% (in the construction industry for instance) up to 100% (I.e. hospitality, restaurants, cafes etc.). Typically, restaurants/cafes have said it costs less to close than to stay open for 1 customer. Makes sense.
  2. Those that employ staff have cut casual hours as a minimum by half. Others have cut casual hours to zero. All have said this is the first wave of cuts just to keep the doors open.
  3. Full-timers are next on the chopping block - only a matter of time.
  4. Most have only 2-4 months reserves at best. Many are living month to month.
  5. Enquiry for all businesses has dropped sharply. Minimum is 70% up to 100%.
  6. Common view is that, even if this was to stop tomorrow, the damage already done is going to hurt them for the next 6-12 months until they can catch up again.
  7. Some are holding stock they can’t sell which has been bought at fair market value. As liquidations occur, there will be a glut of equipment and machinery on the market at drastically reduced prices. These people are fully invested in their current inventory, so are either forced into a fire sale to keep trading or into liquidation because they operate by financing their purchases.

There’s much more, but to put it into perspective, these people have gone from relative prosperity to virtual poverty overnight.

Guys, here’s an idea…instead of braving the crowds at Coles or Woolies, contact your local restaurant and ask them if they’ll sell you some meat in bulk. They have a direct supply chain to farms and wholesalers and can help you skip the queues.

If you’re still in an office, get your colleagues to pitch in and send them a catering order - catering allows them to know exactly what they need to buy to fulfil your order and there’s no over-purchasing for the restaurant/cafe.

There’s just 2 ideas for restaurants and cafes. Other industries are burning as well. There’s some smart people on this forum, so I’m sure you can come up with ways to help your local businesses in such a difficult period. Coles and Woolies have made enough during this time.

And please…to anyone who wants to nit pick my post, save it for another time. On a personal level, this has devastated me financially and I’m only writing this post to give the forum a picture of what’s happening out there and maybe it will spurn some people with the capacity to help out a mate/family member/colleague etc. and soften the blow for those people.

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@The_Patriot i wouldn’t want him anywhere near the tigers with his past history mate. I am all for second chances but that’s just something I can’t cop. Good player though just too much baggage for me Patriot.

So you are not all for second chances if you don’t like it.

Sounds very liberal.

It’s not Tetevano’s 2nd chance. He was charged for bashing his girlfriend 4 times. How anyone could support this signing is beyond me.

There is a chance he may play for us, of course some people are willing to look past his disgusting behaviour!

Yeah that’s pretty bad eh? And yet somehow the guy is not in gaol and is free to play in the NRL, even at international level! I don’t get it at all.

I’m very conflicted - he is a good player and we really need a good prop, and I would welcome his signing, but when I think of what he has done and how he has gotten away with it scot free, it kinda makes me sick. Different to players like Packer, who have shown genuine remorse for their single dog act. This guy has offended 4 times! There is obviously no remorse for his actions there.

To the poster who earlier commented that it was all history, try telling that to his girlfriend, whom I’m sure lives with the trauma of what he has done to her, every single day.

He served 9 months for the offences and hasn’t re-offended since.

Unfortunately, if the articles are to be believed, he grew up around domestic violence and probably didn’t have the best role models around him.

This is not to excuse or minimise the behaviour, however, he’s done his time and one can only hope he has learned from his past.

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3 years for the money quoted is a bargain imho.

I’d be very happy with that outcome and it also leaves $900k this year to top up the roster. If we pull this deal off, it’ll be one of the smartest pieces of negotiation in the clubs history.

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Benji has a great football brain.

From hooker, he was able to organise, guide the team and control the game.

I noticed the difference when Reynolds went to hooker. Service was slower, passes less accurate, easier to read.

There was definitely a higher tempo when Benji was there and he essentially got us to 30 nil.

He really is an amazing player.

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@bptiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

really don’t want LM , would rather spend our money on 5-6 1st grade players spread out over forwards and backs. hes to much of a risk , and hes a sook.

We have a bunch of “solid” first grade players already. We just haven’t got any strike power.

Elijah Taylor

etc. etc.

All these guys are solid, but they are accessories in a bigger picture. I don’t think we have an issue identifying good value players for the roster. Plus, it’s a lot easier to convince a good player to switch clubs with the promise of more 1st grade game time. Our issue is attracting proper big names…NSW, QLD and Australian rep players. Mitchell ticks the box and he’s got improvement left in him imho.

If Madge pulls off LM + 2 aggressive forwards this year, then we make a couple of big name signings next year, we’ll have a team that’s pushing for top 4.

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It will be interesting to see how long before WT put a statement up on the website. It usually takes a little time to wordsmith it, pass it by legal and then pass it by the NRL but if it takes too long it’s not a good look. Will also be interesting to see whether he’s stood down.

Why would he be stood down? He swore at someone…Fox catches players swearing in the games all the time.

Swearing in your own home is not a sackable offence.

This woke revolution is getting out of hand.

That is intimidation, she is clearly scared and he threatens to ‘flip’. That is domestic violence.

I guess it’s subjective. She doesn’t sound scared to me. He asked her to leave? Why didn’t she if she was so intimidated? It was an invitation to go freely.

I’ll go on record and say I’ve told a women to “get out of my house or else I’ll get really angry”. Same thing as “flip” in my opinion.

If that’s the new and broadened definition of domestic violence, I guess I’m guilty of domestic violence and intimidation then.

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@tiga4eva said in Adam Doueihi:

Some are doubtful of Doueihis ability. But if we are going to invest in someone on a 500k price tag I’m glad it’s a 20 year old who hasn’t peaked yet. I can’t see us making the 8 with Thompson at fullback. He’s a winger and I’d pick him there every week.
He dropped way too many uncontested kicks last year and he seemed to have to dive way too many times to catch bombs that most other fullbacks would have found regulation.

Just to put the price tag into perspective. Ponga singed with the Knights on $600k.

Yes. Ponga had played less games, but he was an obvious talent - in saying that, the Knights took a punt.

Doueihi is way overpaid on $500k. He’s not even close to what a Rookie Ponga would provide the team.

Madge is right to offer only $350k. He’s got work to do before he’s worth half a million bucks a year.

TBH, I don’t want him at all, but if he comes, it needs to be at the right price.

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Was getting goosebumps until the “love is love” stuff came on. Totally killed it after that for me.

I would feel the same if they made a point of throwing in ANY political message - my comment has nothing to do with LGBT specifically.

I wish everything didn’t have to have a political agenda these days (left or right).

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@pawsandclaws1 seems strange a KPMG tax specialist would say that.

Franking credits are neither a gift, nor a tax rort. Nobody is getting more tax back than was paid as Labor claims.

Simple example:

Earnings in this country up to $18,200 are tax free, so why should the below examples be treated differently?

  • If your mum earned $18,000 a year working part-time at the local school…How much tax should she pay?

  • If your mum earned $18,000 a year running a small business from home…How much tax should she pay?

  • If your mum is retired and earned $18,000 a year from share dividends…How much tax should she pay?

Franking Credit/Tax Return Example

  • If your mum earned $18,000 in her job over the year: $16,000 was transferred to her bank account and $2,000 was withheld for income tax…What tax refund should she get?

  • If your mum earned $18,000 a year running a small business from home: To be safe, she sent $200/mth ($2,400 total) to the ATO so she wasn’t stuck with a tax bill in the event she earned more than $18,200 during the year…What tax refund should she get?

  • If your mum is retired and earned $18,000 in the year from share dividends: At dividend time, the company transfers $12,600 to her bank account and sends $5,400 (30% company tax) to the ATO on her behalf…What tax refund should she get?

Under the Labor plan, your retired mum would have earnings of $18,000, taxed at 30% and would not be able to get a tax refund. If she earned the same amount any other way, she would have had a tax rate of 0%. How is this fair? Who is getting back more tax than they have paid? I don’t think Labor thought that one through…

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Supposedly on 100K for the rest of the year. If we picked up John Smith nobody from Canterbury Cup, it wouldn’t rate a mention.

What 1st grade prop option can you pick up for that price?

Considering what’s available in the market, our cap situation and what players we have, it’s a no brainer if the salary reports are true.

Nothing to see here folks.