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Marshall’s short kicking game has been spot on. Defense a worry though.
Thompson looks sharp
Brooks looks more composed, but will need a few games to click.
Packer did a lot of work when he was on
Godinet and MM look ok out of hooker

We won’t be able to grind this game out forever. The Roosters have created chances and will put some points on in the 2nd half. We need to find a way to score points.

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Forwards are ok.

Concern is in the backs bringing the ball back and making dirty metres from our end. Thompson and MWZ probably won’t give us that.

I’m a little surprised (maybe even a little disappointed) that Lolohea is starting at FB. Thompson looked pretty good there in the trials and if form is worth anything, he gets the nod.

Would have preferred Fonua and Noffa to give us a good start to our sets from inside our own half.

I’m not sold on Benji coming off the bench. What will it add to the team? Moving players into different positions in games disrupts cohesion during the match IMHO.

Anyway. It is what it is and can’t wait for the footy to start again!

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Heard a rumour Noffa and McQueen to start off in reserves. Lolohea fullback, Thompson and MWZ on the wings.

Where’d you hear that? What have they allegedly done?

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1. Thompson
2. Nofoaluma
3. Milne
4. Marsters
5. Fonua

6. Reynolds
7. Brooks

10. Matulino
9. Godinet
8. Packer

11. McQueen
12. Lawrence
13. Taylor

14. Aloiai
15. Eisenuth/Rochow
16. Grant/JJ Felise
17. Twal

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Looks like another spanner in the works.

Is Balmain the unluckiest club in history??

Does this mean we sold the club for $1 and we won’t get a thing? Or do we have some financial recourse?

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Maybe the mods can make it a sticky?

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for anyone wanting this as well:

1st half:

2nd half:

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Anyone know where I can watch a replay of the trial. has this link

but nothing is available to watch.

Any help would be great

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we’ll surprise a few teams this year based on NOT having any superstars.

Honestly, if you look at our 2005 team, Apart from Prince, most of the guys were solid first-graders at best. No origin players to speak of. In fact, we had no NZ internationals either.

My only worry is we don’t have a team leader in the halves. Maybe Reynolds will step up and be that guy. Maybe Brooks will. This is the only questions mark I have on our team.

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Barba was killing it before he was exiled and he is killing it now after his ban.

He would be a good player for us and provide some playmaking ability from fullback.

As long as he’s kept on a tight leash by the playing group, I’m cool with it.