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Yes it’s a bit concerning isn’t it.

To be fair, I actually think the difference between now and the start of the season is the aggression and intensity of the forwards.

Just my opinion but:

1. We need to go back to a 4 forward rotation
2. Gavet needs to return
3. Either pick Blake or Anasta, but not both.
4. If players are injured, give them time to recover (Nofa, Lawrence etc.)

I really don’t think it’s more complicated than that.

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Did this honestly need another thread… Fair dinkum.

The other thread says “Rumour”, so yes it did IMO. Apologies if too much, but thought it best to split the topics on this news.

Secondly, do we know if this is even possible or do we not have enough details? I.e. can Canberra enforce his departure from the Tigers or is it basically a matter of tearing up the Canberra contract and re-negotiating with the Tigers?

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And for the record, the $ sign automatically inserts into James T’s name…

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Just heard on Channel 9

Exact words were that Tedesco has told his manager he wants to stay at the Tigers.

Nothing more was said, but it was announced as “Breaking News”

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Dottie tottie gettin all defensive cause all the shonky greaseballs com from one particular side of the jv LMAO

Does “greaseballs” refer to Nick Di G because he’s Italian?

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Obstruction rule is an easy one to fix.

The impeded player should be judged on 1 thing:

1. Was the defender bracing himself for contact after a bad read or was he taken out by blatant foul play?

  • I.e. was the defender facing and running towards the tryscorer to genuinely stop the try and then been taken out? Or has he made a bad read and stood his ground?

In the case of the Simona try, Sezer stood his ground and braced for contact knowing that he had nothing to lose. He was never going to stop that try, but he had every chance of getting it disallowed by standing his ground. Sezer wasn’t even looking at Simona or running towards him to stop that try - a poor rule.

Agree with Happy in that proximity should be defined clearly - if you base it on being able to run 100m in 10 seconds (to give the defending team a reasonable benefit), the player then theoretically can only run 10m per 1 second…the maths can easily be worked out from the video footage to see whether Sezer could have played a part.

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Take a look at the match stats:

Completed Sets: 22 from 31 (71%)
Errors: 8
Penalties Conceded: 10
Possession: 46%
Offloads: 4 (Titans 17!)
Metres Run: 1231 (Titans ran 1591)

We averaged 1 Error and more than 1 penalty every 10 minutes. We could get no momentum.

Brooks or Anasta or anyone else for that matter aren’t the reason we lost today. The whole team needs to put their hand up and accept responsibility for the loss. Anasta has been there all season and he’s been playing his role in the team. He won’t be replaced at 5/8 this year barring injury. To be honest, I’m not sure having 3 playmakers out there is doing anything for us. I’d prefer 4 forwards and pick either Austin or Anasta at 6 - it’s been working. Also, it seemed like Fulton was seagulling in the backline a bit today - that needs to stop.

Of the 22 sets we completed, many were deep in our half which gave the Titans their first tackle on their 30-40m line. Every time we defended well and swung the field position around so we weren’t working it off our goal line on the first, we’d come up with an error - again, this zapped any momentum we tried to build.

The reality is, the Titans could have been beaten today, but we had no punch in the forwards without Gavet or Farah and couldn’t win the ruck (no quick play the balls etc.). In the backs, Rowe looks lost and I think Tedesco will make a big difference when he returns. Injuries seem to be a big problem and we were walking wounded today again.

The first 7 weeks of the comp have shown us that if our forwards blast the other forward pack off the park, our backs will run riot. We simply didn’t win that battle today and on top of that made silly errors. I also think we lost the 50/50 calls in what was an average ref’s performance.

We need to try and grind out a win against the Roosters, but I’m not holding my breath.

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It’s probably just me, but I liked the list view for topics rather than the squares. Not a big deal though.

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Yeah I’m undecided. In form he can be a game breaker. Out of form he is shocking! Good cover for Fullback, Wing and Centre though.

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