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It was a terrible performance from the referee’s tonight. Souths were allowed to lay in the ruck a lot longer than we were and they were able to milk penalties (burgess & inglis both milked one each) where as when the same thing happened for us we got nothing.

That got the bunnies back into the game without a doubt. I’m not going to argue who the better team was etc but the lack of consistent, impartial adjudication impacted on the quality of the contest.

I will cop bad decisions if they are consistent but tonight it was either an inconsistent interpretation of the ruck or pure biase.

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I really don’t like Ray’s commentary style. His role is to commentate the game and too often he sounds like he wants to be the centre of attention. I would prefer channel 9 find someone else for his role. I don’t mind if someone mispronounces a name but to make fun of it is awful. The speed of which a law suit would come at you if you made fun of hadley in a similar fashion would make Usain Bolt look like John Goodman.

His abuse of ben roberts performance, among other players, last night was unprofessional. His noticable increase in volume when Hayne touched the ball and did nothing exceptional was also ridiculous. Lets not talk about the lollies either…

You only have to look at how Mike Carlton’s pieces on hadley have been edited to see what he truly is.

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I think it’s a good idea and i’m happy to help out where possible. Maybe we could also write to the club about having a fan’s rep on the board, provided they meet certain criteria.

I believe the wests club at leaumeah is no longer a part of the footy club financial structure, or at least that is what i was recently told.

The Balmain side needs to sort a viable leagues club with gaming revenue out to stem the bleeding at a minimum. I also think our branding and fan base needs to be utilised better. Considering the socio economic standing of some of our key supporter areas, i am so surprised we have not got a stronger “second tier” merch offering, sourcing cheap apparel from asia like K mart/target/big w and a competitive price.

Similarly, more competitive ticketing prices to drive attendance and a better slice of the revenue from the grounds / suppliers providing catering etc.

One last idea is to contract some of our former greats as brand ambassadors… twist their arms a little for the good of a club and have them do a sponsorship drive for corporates, functions / public speaking / coaching / golf etc to try and increase the number of partners and contribution from their contracts.

Essentially, we need a full blown procurement department to review our cost structures and punch some holes in that debt.

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Judging on Benji leaving, best mate Moltz should have his bags already packed.

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Thanks Benji for all the memories.

Through the good and the bad he’s been a great commercial success for the club. Popular with kids and adults alike, always giving hope that some of his magic could turn the tide with ten minutes to go yet always leaving us asking why when his instinctive, attacking game goes wrong. I love watching how we play centered on Benji and Robbie because you just never know what will happen next on the wests tigers emotional rollercoaster.

Ultimately, i don’t think his form is good enough to effectively give him a four year deal at the kind of money hey wants.

If we’ve offered him an upgrade on his current contract in value but not tenure and he still wants to leave then i wish him all the best. I personally think the game as a whole will miss his unpredictable presence but perhaps he needs something to make him hungry again to succeed and i wouldn’t begrudge him that.

I’ve enjoyed the memories, some more than others, but hopefully we will see some more Benji magic before he departs our great club.

Good luck in the future champ.

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Our forwards did a great job up against a much bigger pack.

I thought Ave, Sue & Fulton all had great games but didn’t pick up the amount of metres Blair pumped out. Good shift from him by the looks of it.

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Great performance by the lads.

Woods is an absolute machine… i’d hate to think where we would’ve been had he played for NSW so i’ll thank the selectors for that gaffe!

Simona, Nofo & Meaney all had great games and should stay in the side… pending Teddy’s fitness and even then i’d be happy to give him another week just to be sure. Reddy was very solid as well.

Iosefa, Blair, Anasta… Well they can sign for parramatta…

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He looks good for a raw young prop and seems like a good kid. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes getting thrown in the deep end now with sauce out for a while

He is a lot taller than i thought after he walked past me in the bistro in the club afterwards with what could’ve been his grandparents?

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Huge fan, the kid has some serious potential.

I know he’ll make mistakes as he learns because he is very raw but seeing the commitment to running down players on a fast break or chasing them across field to belt them in defence, i can’t wait to watch him for years to come.

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wont put his body on the line. Barber is smaller & puts his body on the line.

Barba apparently puts lines in his body from some of the “epic bender(bogan) crew” stories kicking around.

Moltz did well i thought compared to the standard he set last year. I’ll take improvement any day.

Sure he could’ve done a few things better but so could benji & robbie with some of the options they pushed. All up he played like most of the other lads… Better, not sensational, but moving in the right direction.