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@demps thats my general attitude towards doctors!
If you do feel up to going to one again though, ask specifically about migraine meds - the actually medication is sumatripan, main brand is imigran. See if they’ll give you a prescription to try see if it helps.
Dr gave me a second option which was a tablet you take every day, but he said if the imigran works it’s probably better than having a daily tablet to remember.

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I get them, maybe twice a month, sometimes worse than others.

I went to a Dr years ago and he wasn’t helpful ( just gave me a prescription pain killer, said to take one and sit in a dark room ).

They got worse / more frequent mid last year. I noticed that I usually had a sore neck in the lead up to it - hot showers or deep heat helped ease my neck and gave temporary relief to my head. Like Spud mentioned, I started seeing a chiropractor around then - it hasn’t reduced the frequency of my migraines but does seem to help with how severe they are.

I also saw a different Dr around the same time. He organised an MRI of my head to rule out anything severe (thankfully it showed nothing except proof I have a brain - although it would have possibly been easier if it did find a cause). After the results, he prescribed me with imigran, which seems to clear my migraines up within half hour (most times I only need one or two, occasionally up to 4). It’s supposed to do something about helping your blood vessels work normally as there is some theory that certain vessels widen causing a migraine.

When I did see a Dr to get my prescription renewed last, he checked my blood pressure as he noticed it was high last time, and it was high again - thanks family genes! Apparently high blood pressure can result in headaches also if untreated, so might be worth making sure that’s okay too. I’m trying adjusting my diet at the moment so I’ll see if that helps at all.

Apparently peppermint ‘essential oils’ are supposed to help, but don’t really work for me - I have an aunt and my MIL that are both into these and got me to try it. I do have this Chinese menthol oil thing somewhere that my mum found, which does help a bit (more so with headaches than migraines though).

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conveniently had no sound while they were discussing Matto…

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finally got mono sound and then it went back to standby…

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Who organises these interviews? Would Weidler just rock up at Chris’ house, or would him/his manager invite him?

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Reynolds was quest host on Triple M’s rush hour last night, and someone called him to ask him “If another Sydney club offered you a starting spot in the halves next weekend for the same money, would you take it”?
He went silent for quite a while, but eventually said no as he’s backing himself to make first grade with the Tigers again.

Not sure if this was before or after his supposed conversation with Madge, and I know what someone says when given a hypothetical verse a real life situation could be completely different, but I thought it was interesting given this article.

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I wonder which genius thought it would be a good idea to do Benji’s presentation after the game…

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@tony-soprano pretty sure he wouldn’t have trained much at centre given he was in the origin camp and was apparently not told until the Thursday before the game that he’d be playing centre, I think it’s not a fair assessment of him (or the rest of the backline for that matter) based on the performance in that game…

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@TigerTiger at the ground they said it was about 12,000. Most are raiders fans by the look of it

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@BigUnit seems like the majority are Canberra supporters…