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He won’t be a Tiger next year, I’d bet vital parts of my anatomy on it.

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So it will be 14 players vs 13…

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If we’re fair dinkum we’ll knock that side over.

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No surprises with this announcement.

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Surprised to see Packer starting, figured he would be on the bench. McQueen seems a bit pointless, would have preferred to see Clark on the bench. No doubt Madge is firing rockets at training. Mbye can count himself lucky.

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@Jedi_Tiger said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

Brooks wont come of the bench
1 - Doueihi
2 - Nofoaluma
3 - Lawrence
4 - Mbye
5 - Hoffman
6 - Brooks
7 - Marshall
8 - Aloiai
9 - Grant
10 - Clarke
11 - Garner
12 - Lailua
13 - Eisenhuth

14 - Mikaele
15 - Twal
16 - McIntyre
17 - Walters

Are you sure about that?

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@Geo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@JoshColeman99 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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@Geo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Ye ole Game manager blaaaaaaaaaaah cliche…

How about we just recruit blokes who run harder and tackle harder than the opposition for 80mins week in week out…

I don’t care who they are…

All the best teams win because they have good game managers though. We struggle to gain momentum after we have lost it and we struggle to put teams away. Both goes down to - guess what - game management.


Tell that to Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk, Mitchell Moses, Josh Hodgson, Nathan Cleary etc etc. all these good teams have guys that kick deep into corners, turn the opposition around, find repeat sets, make the right passes and the right kicks at critical times. That’s game management and that’s something we lack

Of course it’s backed up by those guys who run Hard and tackle hard but you need both, you need your halves taking control of a game.

You only have to look at the recent Storm/Rorters game…it was a mistake-a-thon for most of the game…no one from either team managed that game…what it did have is 2 teams with strike power, speed and desire to turn up for your mate…

Had it been game managed by either team it would never gone to Golden point…

The top teams control a game by the whole TEAM managing the game…not 1 or 2 individuals…

Now look at Manly where I’m told by Coops and the crew that DCE is one of the best ‘game managers’ in the business who haven’t fired a shot since Turbo and Walker went down and just had 30 put on them by the Dragons…

It’s cool tho… Game Management terminology is cute for the younger generation

Indeed it is, well said.

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@Jedi_Tiger said in Our forward pack, notable weaknesses.:

We need CHN i will be filthy if Raiders get under our guard

Bulldogs might also look to re-sign him.

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I’ve just heard a rumour, and please note it is a rumour that the Tigers and Storm have agreed on a permanent swap between Brooks and Grant.

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Shipbuilding Osborne Naval Shipyard South Aust:

That terrible fire aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in San Diego has injured 18 and word is the ship will be a constructive total loss. I hope no more crew or firefighters are lost.

It’s a shame. I was fortunate enough to get on the Bon Homme Richard for a tour when it docked in Australia a few years ago. Impressive ship which has also been used in a few movies over the years including Transformers and Act of Valor.