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The start looks promising

But just remember with Blessed Billy playing a milestone game we’ll be up against the refs, commentators and everyone else who isn’t a Tigs fan as well

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Do NQ even need a half?

They just picked up Te Maire last year and have Morgan and JT.

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I’ll put my hand up - I gave us zero percent chance of winning.

It’s great to be wrong.

However - I still have concerns about the attack - we didn’t look too close to scoring except once when a player headbutted the ball to a team mate and we got a miracle put down in the corner.

Hopefully a week of Benji/Brooks training together can iron out a few creases.

PS am I right in suggesting that Benji/Brooks have never lost a game when both playing together?

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Some of you are absolutely disgusting…

I don’t want Teddy injured until NSW are up 40 zip in game three of Origin 😃

Ps - I get the feeling this game will go similar to round 1, Easts v Canterbury in about 2006 (?) when Willie Mason did the dirty and joined the Roosters.

There was a lot of passion in that game, not least from angry fans, but in the end the Rooters has just a little too much class.

Hope I’m wrong about next weekend…

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Id be very very satisfied if we could manage to concede an average of 18-20 points per game….probably too much to hope for

To be honest from what I saw of the trials, our defence was pretty solid.

More worried about how we score tries…

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Teddy’s Leaving hurt the most, pretty sure that’s the majority opinion for Tigs fans.

But for the sake of our future I think Brooks having a great season would be the most beneficial.


I’d rather see the Tigers win another comp before NSW win another Origin, couldn’t care less about SOO these days.

Well obviously, because SoO is a coin flip but a premiership is 1/16 - statistically speaking

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30-16 win over the cowboys, what year is this?

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I’m happy he’s gone for this tweet alone. What a try hard.

He’s standing there with some other players he obviously knows, not sure why you’re so offended.

But anyway he’s gone, wonder how many more pages this thread will have before the season starts? :deadhorse:

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Well for once we can all say ‘go the Eagles’ - surely nobody here wants the Pats aka the NFL Storms to win???

PS this joke also works if you call them the ‘NFL Roosters’