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I was very angry and disgruntled with the way we lost this game and I blamed Esan the most out of any player. I just was thinking what could be wrong with Esan Marsters and correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t he just bury his grand father just before we played the Bulldogs? (If so may his memory not be forgotten)

If this is the case he may need some time off just to grief

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One thing I’ll also add, anyone who now raises any Balmain v Wests rubbish is not a true supporter

X 2 agreed

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As for the idiot who kicked (not sure who it was as I was so angry) with about one minute to go, should have his legs cut off.

I believe it was Brooks

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I would like to congratulate Barry O’Farrell on his appointment as the new Wests Tigers Chairman and I would also like to thank Marina Go for her thankless efforts in turning our club around at the front office.

ps I’m sick of the hypocritical doomsdayers who come out guns blazing at every decision the club makes and become wagon jumpers. Think people before you post.

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At the risk of being a very large hypocrite I agree Happy. When I heard of the appointment I was very upset and blasted off some posts which frankly I am now ashamed about and apologise for. Anybody who is willing to give their time and effort to improve the Tigers club should be given an opportunity to succeed. Running a club like this is not a simple or easy task. Frankly its a thankless task and he doesn’t need people like me and others taking pot shots at him.
I look at Barry’s career and realise how much he has achieved and realise how little I have and how much I have not given to this club. If he is willing to give it a go I will give him my support. Maybe he will have the magic panacea that will fix all our woes at the NRL, heaven knows we need it.
And as for calling him an old fart, I realise that I am 1 year older than him. So Barry, from one old fart to another, good luck mate give it you best shot.

You have my respect