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Brendan Elliott ?
He did okay

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Sorry all
Tele has reignited the story following a quote from our chairman

The Daily Telegraph
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December 2, 2019 7:48pm
Wests Tigers withdrew their rich offer for Latrell Mitchell last week but club chairman Lee Hagipantelis has now declared: “Never say never.”

While Wests Tigers won’t reopen negotiations, Hagipantelis said they would be prepared to talk if Mitchell approached them.

The Tigers have the money and salary cap space to sign Mitchell from next season but have moved on from the Kangaroos star …

Wests Tigers are waiting for Latrell Mitchell’s next move. Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images
“(Wests Tigers CEO) Justin Pascoe said the other day that the offer has been formally withdrawn and the club has moved on,” Hagipantelis said.

“But it would be remiss of any club not to entertain discussions if we were approached by Latrell. If he came to us, we would have to listen to what he had to say.

“It would be silly to say that door is permanently closed. I don’t think anyone would say the door has been nailed shut. We wouldn’t shut ourselves off to any opportunities.

“If Latrell came to us and said he would like to chat, we would chat. As I say, never say never. Latrell’s destiny is in his hands entirely.”

The Titans are still a clear option for Mitchell. Photo: Tony Feder/Getty Images
Gold Coast remain committed to signing Mitchell, while Wests Tigers and North Queensland are carefully monitoring any developments. Rugby Australia won’t be offering him a contract.

Mitchell is still signed with Sydney Roosters for next season but is highly unlikely to be at Bondi next season.

“The difficulty is this is a very active player market at the moment and other opportunities are presenting themselves,” Hagipantelis said.

“If an opportunity presents itself, and the Tigers believe it’s in the best interests of the club, then we will take that opportunity.

“Contract negotiations are a delicate thing but people need certainty.

“I’m not imposing any time limits or deadlines but we are actively in the market again and considering our options.

“There were negotiations (with Mitchell), there were discussions. They have ended and now we’re looking at other possibilities.”

It’s a shorter run to Leichhardt from Bondi than Queensland. Photo: AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

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Hagipantelis said Mitchell needed to escape the pressure and scrutiny to reach his final decision.

“I think the kid just needs a bit of space and a bit of time,” he said. “He needs as much certainty as the club does.

“He may or may not have other options available to him. But he will take his time, consider his options and decide what is best for him and his family. I have to respect him for that.”

North Queensland haven’t lodged an offer for Mitchell but, like Wests Tigers, their interest would be rekindled if he was genuine about a move to Townsville.

Mitchell had been promised a three-year, $3 million deal with Wests Tigers which included a guarantee to play at fullback.

Originally published as Tigers to Latrell: We’re waiting for you

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@Spartan117 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Have the started building ??? I have a bad feeling about this…

Fair bit of info on the Canada Bay council website.
No reason it won’t proceed

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He may have to consider the “mental health” card . Seems to work for otherS

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@avocadoontoast said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:


Latrell’s management is apparently not happy with the conditions.
Reading between the lines , I think the Tigers are just making it very clear that Latrell should not expect any special favours

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Not dissimilar to what has been already mentioned, he has until midday tomorrow to commit , otherwise offer will be pulled.

I’ve been told that the sticking point relates to a few inclusions in the contract including his mandatory attendance to any extra training sessions (just like his teammates)and his requests for leave will not be accepted (ie go to Taree during the season which disrupts team harmony)
Apparently his management are not happy with these conditions

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Unsure how many of you saw Mattersons’s interview on channel 9 news .
He was asked why he left the Tigers?
his response was along the lines I want to play semi footy and win a premiership, and parramatta are on the rise.
What a lame excuse - he pulls that out when he knows darn well we missed out by just one game.
Clearly his good mates at the Tigers who recently re-signed have a different view .

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I’ve been told there are Tigers officials heading to Taree to finalise the paperwork.
Of course with the cooling off period anything could happen , however for now all this hype in the media seems to have merit .

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Wests Tigers closing in on monster deal for Latrell Mitchell
Latrell Mitchell’s NRL future is on the verge of being finalised — and it looks set to involve a new club, position and big back-ended contract.

DEAN RITCHIE, The Daily Telegraph
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November 14, 2019 8:46am

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Wests Tigers are closing in on signing Sydney Roosters and Kangaroos star Latrell Mitchell.

The three-year back-ended deal could be finalised within days and Tigers coach Michael Maguire has returned from coaching New Zealand to take over the top-level negotiations.

While club officials weren’t confirming Mitchell’s arrival just yet, well-placed sources ­indicate the deal is just about completed.

It is unknown whether the Tigers would need to shift any players to accommodate the expected signing of Mitchell.

He has indicated he wants to switch from centre to start a new career at fullback.

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Latrell Mitchell is on the verge of moving to Wests Tigers. Picture: Getty Images
Latrell Mitchell is on the verge of moving to Wests Tigers. Picture: Getty Images
While Mitchell’s contract value is confidential, rival clubs are tipping that Wests Tigers will pay around $800,000 for next year, $900,000 the ­following season and $1 million in 2022.

Some factions at Concord are lukewarm on Mitchell but Maguire is a fan of the former NSW centre, who most agree is among rugby league’s most damaging players.

It remains unknown where incumbent fullback Corey Thompson would play should Mitchell sign and be named at fullback.


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Mitchell remains under contact for next season at Bondi but the Roosters will agree to an early release to Wests Tigers.

Latrell Mitchell remains under contract at the Roosters for next season but could be released early. Picture: AAP
Latrell Mitchell remains under contract at the Roosters for next season but could be released early. Picture: AAP
Wests Tigers officials were on Wednesday adamant that no deal had been completed, although contract talks at this level can move swiftly.

Mitchell has a strong desire to play fullback but many believe he would have to change his body shape to cope with the extra workload.