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Both really really good WT players….easily in our top 17 of all time.
They made the hard decision to leave but have put in 100% every week, you can’t ask for more…something that dog moses did not do.
Good that Benji & Hodgo are back at the club next year…its important to have some legends around a young club.

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Ava is leaving……
We were no chance of making the finals…
Blooding some guys for next year is smart…
Hence, we owe Ava nothing…goodbye.

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I have to give Woodsie and Teddy alot of credit. In a very difficult year for the WT they did make the decision to leave……but they have put in virtually 100% every week. It will be a pity to see them go. I think both would have some regrets considering the turn around the club is going through under Ivan.

Mitch Moses on the other hand showed what a spoilt brat he is…theres absolutely no class about the bloke at all & I wish him no luck at the eels.

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It was a DUMB DUMB play.

He gave away the penalty and from that moment onwards the Cowboys blew us away.

I just don’t understand how a player who should know better does something like that.


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The hard thing to believe is that we have spent our entire cap on putting this side together. Given we are paying Siro’s & Farahs salary to play elsewhere, but its still unbelievable that this current side of mostly Reserve grade players was the best that this club could come up with over the last 4-5 years of planning.

Quite frankly its just laughable. You can’t really blame the players because they are mostly Reserve grade standard….they are trying but they are just not good enough. Its no wonder Ivan has just decided to clean out the club and start again with mass signings.

There are many people pointing fingers that its Management’s fault that we are in the position we are in. That might be so, the club put its faith in the big 4 only to find the big 4 were not interested in sticking around. I think Ivan saw this from the 1st day he got here and decided to bring the pain forward by putting a deadline on them…on or off the bus, I don’t think IC cared as long as the circus came to an end.

I think the majority of players know they are not part of the clubs plans moving forward and that has now started to reflect in the performances…its a tough time, players prob are not that happy hence performances are under par. There’s not much you can do when the new coach signs 10-12 new players…and nobody’s offering the majority of current players extensions…the writings on the wall.

Its just a pity as WT supporters that the pain never seems to end.

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Give MWZ a go……he is better that MCK in the centres…Ivan the experiment has not worked lets move on and quickly.

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Its hard to believe after 4-5 years of building this side that this is the best we have……

OK we have ditched players like Austin and Taupau…and getting rid of that speed hump Moses is no biggy either but apart from Brooks not playing yesterday we were pretty much at full strength…how is this possible. I looked at some of the mistakes made on field yesterday and thought “we must have some of the most stupid players in this comp” In fact if their mothers did not drive them to training and game day - they’d probably forget to turn up.

So when people ask the question “have we signed the right players for next year”?..the answer is 100% YES because the current lot have delivered nothing for years now ( exception being Teddy though ) I almost felt sorry for him the last couple of weeks, he will really shine at the Roosters next year where he has some support.

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Our salary cap has been a mess for years…paying the majority of Farah’s & Siro’s salary this year while they are playing for other clubs is just an example of our past problems. ATM we are clean for next year onwards and that possibly explains why we have been so active in the market over the past 4-6 weeks.
We cleaned out the club of the likes Taupau, Austin, TMM and probably another 3-4 quality players to accommodate…
POTENTIAL??? And that has really backfired on us…Woods, Teddy & Moses found out that they really loved the money & opportunities elsewhere more than they did the Tigers, but lets be honest apart from Teddy not one of these players has really really delivered on their potential…even Brooksy who has stayed and I’m glad he did, has not delivered on his potential YET…maybe he will playing behind a decent pack for a change…but lets be honest with Brooks as well - the Tigers offered him more than any other club did. It was a no brainer for him to stay on that basis…but he has always said he wanted to stay with the Tigers so on that basis I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway under Cleary we may develop a better culture which will in turn bring better results…because it can’t be any worse than what the last 4-5 years have been.

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Our team has too many plodders in it, thats for sure. We probably have 3-4 quality 1st graders……the rest would be fringe players at most other clubs…and its been like that for years. We have put our faith in 4-5 blokes in our team but lets be honest, they are or were young, inexperienced and have won nothing. They have never experienced success so how can any form of a WINNING CULTURE exist at the WT.

Allowing players like Taupau, Adam Blair and anyone else who had a bit of mongrel about them to leave was also the wrong call. Our forward pack has been soft for years…and shows up badly when we play big sides like Canberra & Penrith.

Cleary’s cleanout and bringing in more mature proven 1st graders will make our squad much much more formidable.

Our club has been broken for years…everyone from ADMIN down, the coach and coaching staff…all have had a share of responsibility…but now its time to clean the dead wood out of the club in the playing ranks.

Keep whats good and get rid of the rest. We shouldn’t mourn Woods, MM & Teddy leaving…their hearts were not at the Tigers so they are useless to us.

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Moses needs to go. He’s just a disgrace ATM.

He doesn’t want to be here and it shows in his performances. Get Parra to pick up the tab for the rest of his wages and get rid of him.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a player “not putting in”….its just a slap in the face to the club, its supporters and the other players in the team…in fact “playing dead” is no worse than what Simona did…the NRL needs to step in to protect the integrity of the game.