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James Hooper Alert

Big Tigers fan.

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Re Brooks…torn a bit.

Yes, absolutely deserved to go. Nine misses, poor kicks, no game management / well down on last year’s form.


Broncs have been beaten all season post covvid return by speedy small men up the guts / pace running at their bigs who tire quickly. Brooks game is more effective against them than any other team.

I think Brooks will be on the bench…

What would be the point of that ?

I said earlier in another thread that I reckon Brooks has a niggling injury thats why I reckon his performances have been poor…his defensive game has been brilliant except last week,maybe smoke and mirrors by Madge,I dont really know and either do most…

And that may well be the case. The fact he’s in the top 17 puts him on notice but allows him to start still. Could be a shot across the bow.

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Brooks will be named as an interchange player (In the top 17)

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The weird:

We easily run more from dummy half than any other team. After Round 8 we had run 149 from dummy half. The next highest (Storm) is 116.

Nobody runs more decoys than us. 432 decoys, next best is 406.

We also lead the NRL in tackle breaks - 324 (Roosters 2nd with 314)
We are 6th in possession - bang on 50%
We haven’t kicked a 40/20 all year (but only five players have)

The Predictable

3rd most penalties conceded (behind Broncos and Souths)

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WT Penalty Counts 2020

Rd 1 - W St George penalties 7-2 (Klein/Henderson)
Rd 2 - L Newcastle penalties 7-7 (Sutton/Badger)
Rd 3 - W Sharks penalties 5-3 (Gee)
Rd 4 - L Titans penalties 1-4 (Gee)
Rd 5 - L Canberra penalties 6-10 (Sutton)
Rd 6 - W Cowboys penalties 4-8 (Perenara)
Rd 7 - W Dogs penalties 5-3 (Perenara)
Rd 8 - L Panthers penalties 5-10 (Gee)
Rd 9 - L Souths penalties 5-6 (Cummins)

Penalty count record: W3 D1 L 5
Record when winning the penalty count: W3 L 0
Record when losing the penalty count W 1 L 4

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They had 58% and a 5-0 penalty run in the first half and still only led 10-0. That suggests an improved defensive set up on our part, awful attack on theirs or a little of both. Match ended up 53/47 possession I think, 6-5 penalties their way. Given a 50/50 split in the second half we won the half 10-8 even with that workload. Plus we had a back rower playing centre, a kid on the wing and are down on forward. If we got closer to a 50/50 possession split in the first half and our fair share of penalties we might have pinched the game.

So what are the lessons from last night?

Souths aren’t very good. Or at least they were not last night. Unless they’ve got another gear they’re zero chance of winning the premiership.

Our backline depth is really concerning. Neither of our centres were full time centres a year or so ago. Granted we’ve got Talau and Joey out but if the next choices after Mbye (who to be fair I think has been okay overall) are MCK and Chris Lawrence it’s not ideal.

Forwards I thought were okay given the ball we had. They had to do a lot of defending. With Stefano coming in next year there’s a pretty damn good pack emerging. I also think the auditioning process has clarified who is NRL and who is not NRL standard.

Brisbane will be interesting. They’ve got massive, massive problems. We need a win.

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So JR is looking at the same suspension for trying to kick the ball and accidentally making contact as Latrell is for deliberately swinging his arm at the neck/head of an opponent without the ball???

And to think people believe the NRL is biased towards certain clubs…

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They had 53% possession. 10-18 was a reasonable effort. Two decent efforts against higher ranked teams nothing to show for it. How many penalty counts have we won this year?

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And another pathetic call to round things off…

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@LeichhardtTiger said in Wests Tigers V Souths - Live Game Thread:

I just rang my GP and asked if the Chin is Part of The Head. He said, “Not if you are a WestsTigers Player”

Did he mention “Spontaneous Chin Bleeding Syndrome”? Where your chin starts bleeding on its own?