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the one thing that i cant get my head around (i apologise if this has been discussed in depth before) , but what happens if all these social distancing rules are relaxed, or lifted, due to us “beating” the virus, and we all go about our daily lives to some degree of normality once again…isnt it inevitable that we will get a rebound - or a 2nd wave like Japan or singapore, and we all go back to square one!?

i totally agree with the flattening curve method so as not to punish our health system…but are we not just delaying the inevitable?

or is that really the only true goal, delaying until we find the cure…

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Do people think that this Virus will take hold in the continents of Africa and/or country of india ? i’m just shocked how there seems to be no stringent measures/or death tolls/information regarding there…or maybe its just a matter of time…? these places i thought would be absolutely hammered

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I get the impression that we’re the sort of club that when we get a player, they do actually end up liking the club (bar matterson lol) and the environment we offer, the “underdog” nature ect…but getting that said player to buy in is always going to be the hard part.

World class facilities would help. These guys are elite athletes, doesn’t matter what sporting organisation you are, elite athletes require elite facilities.

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If you were LM, why wouldnt you just call a press conference and just come out and say/squash all these rumours dead, something along the lines of

“i will decide on my future soon, i appreciate all the clubs who have shown interest and have contacted me, and i will discuss with my manager and talk to the clubs to decide shortly” etc etc etc…

seriously, not only do you then come across as having control over the situation, you dont look like a prick to the clubs/press/fans/NRL…poor guy is getting roasted everywhere and he literally has done nothing to warrant it.

too much common sense?

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JAC to us latrell to melbourne

easy deal done heard it here first 48 hours

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I wish we would go hard for Brandon smith, and someone like campbell graham from souths, those sorts of players change teams, young energetic, no egos, just good players and work hard…

one can wish

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@2005magic pride is something that is unfortunately mostly lost in modern day sports - money replaces it.

thats why us fans are the life blood of any team out there, we have pride through thick and thin!

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Ive got the same feeling as last season when there was all that excitement that Ivan C was close to bringing Nathan over…DONE DEAL DONE DEAL was shouted from the rooftops on this forum…

yea…turned out well.

Until LM is wearing that jersey, and professing his love for all things orange and black, I will remain my pessimistic self lol, im a tigers fan after all…

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lock him away and throw away the keys, what a scoundrel