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Ive got the same feeling as last season when there was all that excitement that Ivan C was close to bringing Nathan over…DONE DEAL DONE DEAL was shouted from the rooftops on this forum…

yea…turned out well.

Until LM is wearing that jersey, and professing his love for all things orange and black, I will remain my pessimistic self lol, im a tigers fan after all…

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lock him away and throw away the keys, what a scoundrel

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I always wonder…

When something like this comes out in the press, why doesnt the player involved just flat out defuse the situation and tell the media/social media the what hes actually thinking?

say something if its all B.S Matto! if not, well…

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always remembered him taking some big hits and getting injured on a weekly basis…stay well clear

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9 months ago i was thinking “at least we’re not the bulldogs”

but you know what, i think they’re building a really solid team with some great players, it looks like that from the outside anyway.

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@Tigers_Tale said in Brooks Why???:

@Zach Well mate find a better halfback available , that is better than Brookes before you do what other coaches have done and see our players shine.

Well that is what actually happen watch the replay, the Manly player pulled his leg and that made Brookes come down, as normally happens if your laying on the ground pulling somebody’s leg, ie gravity

I’m available on Saturdays! Madge can give me a shot…i cant be any worse then what we have! 😅

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If we let him play, then that is stupidity beyond belief laid solely at the people in charge of this club, like seriously, Robbie should have zero say in any of this.

the club will probably let him play though so we can get another fluff piece of media coverage in the papers. Bore off.

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heard it all before…goodness me

Dally M halfback like i give a rats about that accolade. who cares!!
seriously, give him a ribbon after every game why not!

he’s never got us to finals footy, thats what i care about. seeing this club improve and become an actual good football club that is consistently playing with purpose, intensity, leadership, skill…AND finals footy.
im not putting that all on Brooks, but for God sake, for someone in such a pivotal position, he is not the answer. facts are facts. hes been our “main man” for 5 years and not delivered consistently. any other club he would have been long gone by now. Fact.

pulled his leg down on his throat did he? you are kidding me? come’on mate thats pushing it…

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Yea see i just don’t agree with that wholly. i get it, our pack is pretty sub standard. but ONE player can certainly make a massive difference. Brooks is in a position where authority and skill and leadership is a priority, ledaing by the front, dictating plays…he does NONE OF THIS