Anyone else getting sick of this?

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Re: Anyone else getting sick of this?

Post by magpiecol » Sat 07 Jul, 2012 11:46 am

I am afraid that it is Sheens fault for not picking a recognised halfback for this team. Morris (a hooker), Benji (5/8), Farah (a hooker) Humble (fullback, 5/8) Lui (5/8). I may have missed a couple.

We have a perfectly good halfback in the NYC, however for some reason Sheens will not have a bar of him. Why? who knows.

If the ultimate responsibility for the teams performance belongs to the coach, then Sheens, by any standard, has failed this reponsibility. He must go at the end of this season together with a number of our first grade side.

It seems to me that we have quite of few up and coming young, fast players in the lower ranks. If Sheens is to survive, he must give them a go, and soon.

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Post by philgood » Sat 07 Jul, 2012 12:50 pm

hellman wrote:
philgood wrote:
willow wrote:
philgood wrote:Have been saying it all along and i'll say it again:


Time to retire Sheens
That's crap.
How is it crap? Is it just a coincidence that we made the semis and our defence IMPROVED OUT OF SIGHT when Steve Folkes came on board?
This is one of the worst examples of illogical thinking that I have ever seen. Seriously anyone who thinks Folkes was some sort of coaching genius is delusional. Folkes wasn't coaching the team Sheens was. Folkes wasn't the defenisve coach either. He was the strength and conditioning coach and his role was completely replaceable by close to any punter off the street who can use the internet.

Folkes was also the defensive coach

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Post by hellman » Sat 07 Jul, 2012 1:13 pm ... ve-folkes/ ... 6054063521

I don't know maybe I have it wrong. Maybe Folkes was the reason for the Tigers success and it had nothing to do with the head coach.

Maybe he is the reason for turning around St George this year.

Of course reality is that Folkes had next to nothing to do with the club playing well the last couple of years and has little to do with St George playing a lot worse this year but lets not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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Post by barra » Sat 07 Jul, 2012 1:50 pm

As others have suggested, we need a proper halfback. We always have done! I would love to know what has gone down with Miller and why he hasn't been given a proper shot and what the actual plan is. With limited opportunity Miller showed good desire and enthusiasm, and sure he is only young and his game is not perfect but I think he would have given the team better balance.

Because without Robbie it showed just how lacking this team is in attack. There was no plan B beyond Benji and when things didn't fall into place the players looked like a rabble in a game of park touch footy. Benji has WAY too much to do and if his kicking or passing game is 'off' it makes him look terrible. Get him back to where he is best, a little wider of the ruck where he has room to work his sleight of hand and RUN the ball!

Sirro the other young gun who IS in favour, was MIA last night whether his lack of ball was by design or not who knows, but some rather large deficiencies were exposed. He'll still be picked and given opportunity though.

So now it is up to Robbie the Messiah to get back and lift the team. And hopefully he will bring some line speed to our defence, because that was lacking last night too. Maybe Ellis will help there.

The big problem is that unless Sirro fires up and is given more attacking ball, and therefore brings a little more balance to our use of possession, we are pretenders not contenders in attack, and that is where we need to win games because our defence is not premiership material.

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