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Re: Beau at fullback

Post by kh_canada » Mon 09 Jul, 2012 1:14 pm

Flippedy wrote:
Stripes96 wrote:Beau takes the bombs and runs the ball back harder, and is better defensively in the middle of the park, but on our line, I think Moltzen slides better. Moltzen is also a better support player, and the attack looks sharper when he is around. What it comes down to, I think, is that as much as Beau is a good fullback, he is a far better winger, and his talent is wasted at fullback, in my opinion

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Spot on, Stripes. Beau is the kind of guy who will play solidly anywhere you put him, but in reality, he is not a specialist fullback. Whilst he will never let you down playing fullback, he doesn't really know when to chime into the backline and support the ball runners at speed like Moltzen does. Mind you, the more he plays there the more he will learn, so he could end up with these skills in the future anyway, but at this stage, he has been far more effective for the team on the wing, as you said.
100% Agree but I think as Beau matures in the FB position Moltzen is able to shift into the halves especially with guys like Koro coming through the ranks. Sirro is still learning - doesnt have a solid kicking game yet
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