You know we will win

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Re: You know we will win

Post by Fade To Black » Sat 01 Sep, 2012 1:28 pm

westTAHger wrote:yes it may be a big ask, with Robbie and Liam missing, so really the team is up against it and has nothing to lose.

play like there is no tomorrow, be brutual, give it all your best, and leave nothing left in your energy resources.

last game at Leichhardt for this season, so when you walk off, you will be satisfied within yourself you could not have done anymore.

let the storm players go away with memento's from the occasion.

parts of the playing field, shoved up their noses, in the ears, let them taste the dirt in their mouth's.
Give them a return serve of grapple tackles, chicken wings, rolling pins, leg twists, crushers and whatever other dirty, rotten tactic they are experts at.
To maim a few of those mongrels would be nearly as satisfying as making the semis.

Play dirty boys :sign:

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Post by innsaneink » Sat 01 Sep, 2012 1:34 pm

We have plenty of points in us, Benji, Moltz, Koro & Beau.....weve always had points, when was the last time we failed to score?
A long time.
Its stopping them - defense- has always been our problem (ironic though we break our 0 opposition scoreline hoodoo TWICE this year)...anyways....we need to stop them.
If they have another bout of dropsy like last week, the refs favour us, we get some luck....we all know we can beat any team...when they have a dig, have a goo, have some pride to restore, the week following a shameful dog it performance....its usually the script with us

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