ISP Team Announcement: Round 12

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Re: ISP Team Announcement: Round 12

Post by barra » Mon 04 Jun, 2018 2:42 pm

Balmain Boy wrote:
Thu 31 May, 2018 10:07 am
This team is just rocks and diamonds. Gamble was the team's man of the match but just isn't a dominant playmaker to be driving the team around the field all day. He's the perfect foil though. 2 try assists and an extra 2 line break assists, and some great goal kicking. Defence was better than previous weeks but still an area to work on.

Robson always comes on and does a great job no matter where he plays. A lot of Mitch Aubusson about him, perfect utility material.

Garner goes strong especially close to the opposition line, doesn't make huge yardage with his hit ups generally though. That's what he needs to work on. Very solid otherwise. He is theoretically competing with Lawrence for the left back rower spot which wouldn't help his chances of first grade. MCK also plays there.

This team lacks a genuine halfback, and quality in the outside backs. When you've got players like Price and Tali out there you're going to struggle as they're simply not up to this level.

In general a lack of leadership, fitness and consistency hurts this side. There is no vocal presence on this team. The team on the ropes every second week and no-one steps up. Having two 5/8s and a non ball playing fullback and hooker makes this team very one dimensional in attack.

McQueen is useless and really needs to be shipped off to the UK as i don't see him playing NRL again. He's English too which should help.

We should have won this game by 40
Thanks BB, I missed this game but watched all the other ISP televised and what you say makes perfect sense, especially about Gamble who was playing a lot better when DW was game managing.

And so disappointed with McQueen as he was steadily building for the first half dozen rounds or so, but seems to have hit a wall since.

Fade To Black
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Post by Fade To Black » Mon 04 Jun, 2018 9:45 pm

Balmain Boy wrote:
Mon 04 Jun, 2018 2:34 pm
Fade To Black wrote:
Sun 03 Jun, 2018 10:10 am
junior05 wrote:
Fri 01 Jun, 2018 5:12 pm
Who should the tigers be looking at?? Seeing how some players are not ISP standard.
Todd Carney would of been perfect but we fell asleep at the wheel in regards to making enquiries about him and we missed the boat. He would of made a massive difference at ISP level.
Not a chance we'd have made enquiries for a trouble maker like him!

Realistically another Drinkwater, Sam Williams type who can do a good job at half at ISP level. That and some young, pacy outside backs and a hard running backrower. With the potential for first team action we must be a decent proposition for young players looking for a chance!
We wouldn't give Carney a chance to play with our club but we sign Russell Packer to a multi-year, pricey contract? That doesn't make any sense.
I thoroughly believe RP served his penance but TC didn't commit any major crimes either.
He would of been worth a shot. Cheap and with a point to prove, if he breached his contract then it wouldn't of been much of a loss.

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