Tigers V Panthers live thread (spoilers)

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Re: Tigers V Panthers live thread (spoilers)

Post by MacDougall » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 6:06 pm

That really was a poor win though. Great to win but gave me no confidence at all. So many insane mistakes.

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Post by Blotto » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 6:07 pm

Congrats to Mick & the Tigers on getting that first win, still plenty of work to do, to many errors in defence and attack, the better Teams will roll Tigers over on that performance, Storm are good enough to get away with them as last night showed,
Coaching Tip for Mick!
In SL its normal for Coachs to use a sharp pointed stick to emphasise points being made during training!
In the NRL Coachs now use cattle prods to make such points due to Aussie skins being much thicker than Poms!
It should be a try fest this coming week as both sides will look to attack!

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Post by Flippedy » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 6:14 pm

Meevinman wrote:I don't understand why there is the urge for some of our players to pass the ball (or attempt to) where it would make more sense just to hold it, some of these youngsters I swear...
Not just the youngsters, Meevinman. Benji is probably more guilty of this than most. I guess the youngsters are just trying to emulate him. The whole team has a tendency to do this.
Sooner or later, next year has to be this year - Ricksen

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Post by laufoofan » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 6:36 pm

Reddy played better than expectations. Benji was known for his ability to read the game one ahead, has he lost this ability as he is now throwing wild passes and seems not to have the ability to read the game anymore? I hope he will have this aspect of his game back soon, otherwise we will sink.We don't seem to have the ability to break the line as much as we used to, are we not strong in this aspect of the game anymore. Lawrence is having a very quiet game, if he is not able to improve from here, he might as well give it away. Maybe the hip injury is affecting him too much and he is not able to win his form back. Congratulations to Potter and the team for the win, but we made too many mistakes like droped balls, missed tackles, hope we can improve from her, maybe we need new cattles.Moltzen had a fine game with the high ball, maybe he should watch how Slater play and take a page off it, he can improve a lot from here. Good luck for the future West Tigers.

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Post by Phantomlock » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 7:39 pm

WTs could've won by more but as has already been said a win's a win. Both teams wanting to attack but neither took the ascendency; scrappy, unstructured footy will not make any of the better teams worry too much.

Benji and Anasta is an interesting halves combo with the latter normally the one to lead teams around and he did look a bit disinterested in hitting it up.

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Post by Chipofftheoldblock » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 10:41 pm

MacDougall wrote:That really was a poor win though. Great to win but gave me no confidence at all. So many insane mistakes.
Totally agree with this statement.
It was an ugly win. Lack structure in attack and defense was woeful.
Did we even get off the line to tackle?? The line speed was terrible. It just looked like we were going through the motions.
Slow in attack and too many mistakes. Off the cuff should only be played in 2nd or 3rd phase play and then with calculated risks. You are taught the basics of draw, pass and catch. Why is this so hard for our players to understand???
The less mistakes you make in a game, the higher the chances are to win.
I would prefer a game plan centered around low risk play and high energy defense. Marshall will never ever be able to play in a conservative fashion as his up bringing was centered around being a touch footy player.
I reckon Anasta is being played in the wrong position. I would play Anasta at Lock and and Blair in the 2nd row where he can run those good lines on the fringes. Anasta would give extra direction in attack and just let him have a free role.
I also thought that Miller looked good in patches but still struggles to direct the side like most halfbacks do. Marshall needs to know his place in the side and let the half back direct the game. Marshall is better when doesnt need to direct the side around as he cant see pass 2 or 3 plays ahead to where the side should be directing their attack.

Sorry long rant but i didn't see alot of positives today and need to improve alot for our next game.

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