WT heading towards financial sustainability?

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Re: WT heading towards financial sustainability?

Post by jirskyr » Mon 27 Aug, 2018 11:59 am

Ah nothing like a Roy Masters article to stir up some old Wests-Balmain crap.

Do yourself a favour - if you ever read Roy Masters, as soon as you see the word "Wests" then turn your brain off, because nothing else of use comes afterwards. And for some reason Masters manages to interject Wests Magpies into about 80% of his articles, often with no valid reason to do so.

It's Wests Tigers, that's the franchise, and even if Wests Ashfield took 100% control I don't believe they could just change the franchise without NRL permission.

But also they won't change it, because it would be stupid to do so. I don't personally care who funds the team, so long as it helps lead to on-field success. I'm an old Balmain supporter but them days are long long ago now.

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Post by willow » Mon 27 Aug, 2018 12:32 pm

Pointless thread and shows the narrow-mindedness of some.