5 reasons Wests Tigers can win in 2014

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Re: 5 reasons Wests Tigers can win in 2014

Post by Knuckles » Thu 06 Feb, 2014 8:59 pm

Wait for a few rounds and you'll do better than 60/1 !!!

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Post by pHyR3 » Thu 06 Feb, 2014 9:53 pm

Defiant wrote:Great opening post.

I don't want to promote gambling again but were turning over at 60/1 to win the comp.

Almost the same odds as parra... the dragons are shorter.

Lots of depth this year and 2 back up coaches if it goes pear shaped.

I have hopes Potter can be a positive still. Go Tigers!
i always chuck a fiver on us to win preseason. hasnt worked yet (missed 05) but hopefully soon!

might also do penrith and someone else offering nice odds
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Post by turnstyle » Thu 06 Feb, 2014 11:34 pm

Knuckles wrote:I hope your right Turnstyle .... Would love nothing more that to humble myself on the forum. Would rather that to being right and watching the team getting belted each week .... Gets a bloke down too much.
same for all of us on here i would think!

really, i am happy when the tigers play with heart and really give it a go. there have been a few spells in the last couple of seasons that have just been torturous to withstand because they just didnt look like it really mattered enough to them: that is when its hardest being a loyal tiger!

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