Braith Anasta key to Luke Brooks' NRL rise, says Wests Tiger

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Re: Braith Anasta key to Luke Brooks' NRL rise, says Wests T

Post by NT Tiger » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 8:27 am

I agree with tigertye ^. Patience.

I also agree with Russell re Anasta ^, to a point. In theory Anasta has the experience needed to guide & mentor Brooks. I'm just not sure he's up to the game anymore. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I would love to see Anasta succeed alongside Brooks, because it would be a win-win for the Tigers, but I'm worried that he will be a bit of a speed hump and actually slow Brooks down. I'll keep an open mind, but I too think we'll see Austin sooner rather than later.
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Post by Paris Cobbs » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 8:55 am

Looks to me like Braith has lost confidence and is avoiding contact. Last year he registered the lowest tackle counts in the team, by miles, no matter where he was playing. It is true that we don't have many options - on top of those already mentioned, Sirro is out and the only other one is Fulton. Don't forget that Liam played a season at 5/8 in the English Super League. We seem to have a surfeit of options in the backrows. Maybe Liam could protect Brooks from having to make too many tackles. Also, the guy Brooks has to combine with is Farah not whoever the 5/8 is.
I just think that Braith has to earn a spot in first grade and he has not remotely done that. I'd much rather go with Austin or Fulton.
PS What is a stress fracture of the back - doesn't sound good?
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Post by pHyR3 » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 11:08 am

cktiger wrote:I wouldn't read much into the comments by Potter - just another story to keep the fans happy.
If Braith has always been the key to Brooks future success then how come Moltzen was going to be our five eighth before getting injured.
Braith going to keep him stready from the back row or bench?
i dont think he was. he was gonna be up there with austin, competing for that spot but he wasn't guarunteed at all.

after his injury though, Potter and co. can say whatever they like about him being "the number 1 pick" as it is really irrelevant.
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Post by Eddie » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 11:12 am

I don't mind having Braith their alongside Brooks for large parts of the year. I'm not exicted about it by any means, however in the position we are in I can live with it. No one can question his vast experience and professionalism. 2014 is a development year and no one really expects us to do any damage in the competition. A bit of an old head in the team and at training isint the worst thing in the world for a team trying to find its way.

We all know Anasta's best football is well behind him. Although last year he really had no chance playing in different positions and not having a clue what Benji was doing. Maybe he might be servicable in a young side. Anyway he will probably get injured at some stage and I think he will certainly retire at seasons end. So I am not to fussed either way, Austin and Moses are there ready to pounce in the near future.

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Post by DonnyBrasco » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 4:38 pm

Agreed, if Potts is going to use him, he is wasted in the backrower and would better suited to guiding Brooks around for the time. Would love to see Austin in though, he just looks exciting.

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Post by 851 » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 5:30 pm

willow wrote:There was an article in RLW released yesterday regarding Anasta and Austin. According to the article Potter is in two minds as to who will get the round 1 gig. Anasta was the pre-season favorite but Austin has impressed Potter and all the coaching staff with how professional and how hard he has worked, plus he impressed in the Panthers trial.

I reckon if he stands out ahead of Anasta tomorrow night he may just get a run in round 1.
Here's hoping,Braith was woeful last year.
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